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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tom Jai!? WBMWvid + more

vas up?? Burno, lol

I haven't actually done a long post on this blog for a while so, i have a felling that this will be quite loooong.

Hmmm what to start off with, well the first thing that comes to mind is the Tom Kaulitz might be going to JAIL!!!! ahhhhhh, it’s over a incident that happened in April i think i’ll explain what i get.

Tom pulled into a gas station and there were some girls there, the girls came over to get an autograph and what not, then tapped his window he did not open the window, then he chucked out a cigarette bud (now in not sure if it was at the people or just randomly) so one of the girls (Perrine) picked it up and rubbed it onto the car. Tom got out of the car then followed Perrine and punched her. That sounds really band on toms part and i was devastated when i first herd about it, but there’s MORE…. it was later released that the girls were a part of a group called afganes on tour, who have been stalking the band; mainly the twins, they even assaulted their mother, simone (now for me that is way to far, it makes me sick) they send them hate mail, egg their cars and stuff. Now personally i hope that bitch goes to hell, and you know what the funny thing is, they still call them selves fans  *shakes head*

here is a thing from Punkt12


Did Tom Kaulitz hit a girl? Now there is a new video from the gas station in Hamburg which shows what really happened in the night of April 15 between Tom Kaulitz and his fan. Gabby Funk tells us the details:
These are blurry cam-shots. We can see Tom Kaulitz arriving in his sport car. Right after that 2 girls are coming closer to the car. One of them is Perrine from France, who is allegedly asking Tom for his autograph. Then it looks like a cigarette is thrown out of the car. Perrine lifts it and pushes it on the car window.
After that, the 20 year old musician gets out of his car. What happened after that tells us Perrine's lawyer, even though we can't see it clearly on the video.
Perrine's Lawyer: He didn't just hit her, he also boxed her when she was laying defenseless on the ground.
Tom the bully, Perrine the helpless victim? Tokio Hotel don't see it this way. For long months, Perrine & her friends who call themselves "Afghanes on tour" chased Tom and his brother. We can see on the video, that right after this happened, they didn't went away from his car. David Jost said after this accident in April : "these girls weren't fans, but dangerous stalkers, it has nothing to do with being a fan. Tom and also no other band member would never do anything to a fan". Tom Kaulitz allegedly has to go to court because of this. But there's also another option.
Perrine's Lawyer: I talked with Tom Kaulitz's lawyer and by now we agreed on 2000€ damage money.

Tom could go to jail for 5 years, so i’m really worried but i’m sure he’ll be ok :S and i’m sure if they do have court case there will be a lot of fans there supporting tom at the court and when she comes out she will get booed.

Now on a happier note on tuesday Tokio Hotel released the video for World Behind My Wall; the second single of TH’s new album Humanoid, It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!! i’m really not exaggerating. when i first saw it i almost started crying, it is so beauitful!! here is the link, now really even if you dont like TH watch it!!!!!! even tho WBMW is not my fav song, the video makes it just so much better and i love the at home footage!!

It is also only 8 days to christmas ONLY EIGHT DAYS!!! it dosent even feel like it and on sunday its our family’s xmas breakfast, even thought it will got till like 3, LOL. But the only bad thing is that i know what i’m getting allready unless i will get some surprise pressys (i highly  doubt that, but i will report if i do)

i recently went to melbourne on the train with jess. it was really fun we went around melb with rhiannon; jess’s sister, we did shopping though i didnt buy anything and now i want to go back!! :P so hopfully i can get up there in the holidays!

as i sais in my last blog check out my fan fic and comment back on here! please!! :)

that’s pretty much all the news thats happening aroung me atm so catch; sa nikta would say xoxoxo

oh i forgot, i’m going to make a mirror, well its gonna be on the backof my wardrobe door, and i going to have by you side/an Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)lyrics all around it.

ooooomirro like that but with fancier writing.

3113504381_9f007cc16b_o For Tom :P


Monday, December 7, 2009

fan fic

Anyone who reads this blog probably doesn't care BUT coz its mine i’ll say it anyway. as a TH fan you kind of have a duty to at least try and write a fan fiction. Now those of you who dont know what a FF is i’ll  explain. it is a story that is about tokio hotel, simple that you make up hense fiction, lol.

ok well here is my attempt of one. I have already have 4 chaps psoted so just press nxt post at the bottom to go to the nxt post, warning though there may be some TH news in between chapters.


oh and i’ve only got one more day of school left!! DAS SO GEIL!!!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saddest Movies i’ve ever seen.

Ok this is really random but I'm going to make a list (not in order) of the saddest movies i have seen. and DW i wont spoil them for ya.

ok i’ll start off with a movie that i watched yesterday in class called Pay it Forward. Its a movie about a little boy that does a thing called pay it forward for a school assignment, where he did a good thing for three other people then they do it for three other people and so on. I’m not gonna spoil it. there is a dramatic turn of events and i was really sad, then at the very end, im mean the very end something happens and oh go, i just started balling. im not ashamed of crying, but it is quite embarrassing when are crying in class, but i couldn't help it and it also made erin cry too lol.

next is a movie that you may know…Forest Gump. I catually cant remember the whole thing, and i also think that i havent watched it all. The story is about a guy telling his life story at a bus stop to randoms. but i remember being really at some point.

I think this i probally the saddest move i have EVER seen, Marley and Me, far out! i think the should have advertised it better coz i thought i was about the couple not the dog, but its is about the dogs life with the couple. Now the end it just made me cry sooooo much. even though only the end is the only sad part.

Not only it is one of my fav movies it is also one of the sadest movies….Van helsing. Even after watching it over 1000 times (seriously well more like 100) i still am really sad at the end, i was almost gonna spoil it woops. But i think the ending made it much more respectable.

Australia is my fav movie and for once it isnt at the end when i had a few tears. it is one onf the greatest scenes i have ever seen! and there are a couple of other bits that meke me sad too.

these are actually the only ones i can think of at the moment.

Oh i just remembered the pursuit of happiness, god even thoug i havent seen it all, when they are in bathroom at the trainstation, SHIT!

But Nikita and I are going to have a sad movie marathon with titles that include

-the notebook

-marley and me


-titanic (i havent even seen that :O)

-imitation of life

-city of angles

-meet joe black

-forest gump

-the curious case of benjamin button

-big fish

-the pursuit of happiness

-my sisters keeper

-the boy in the striped pyjamas


any other suggestions??


Friday, November 20, 2009

Only 18 days left + good quotes

Hey, its been a while since i last posted something on here. So that’s why I'm doing it now instead of doing it on my other blog. A great load of stuff has happened since i have last posted. If you want to go and check out what a mainly happened on my other blog. Of if you are too lazy(like me) i will summarise it all four you :)

-End of year exams start next week

-it was Courtney's party on the 2nd and we had a great time

-my class went to camp and i had to go to school, luckily niki is a good friend and she went with me, even though she could have taken them off.

-tokio hotel won best group and the EMA’s preformed and awesome performance if you want to checkout a bit of what happened, here’s a THTV epp.

-Bill kauitz was in a car crash, not to worry it was before the EMA’s so he’s fine as you can read above. But his car is not.

-It was my brothers B-day on the 8th he got a ps3 and i got him Invaders must die by the prodigy

-its only 18days till the end of school. YAY!

-and yesterday mark go little big planet, its awesome!!

that's pretty much a wrap up of that.

ok as it said in the title i’m going to post some good quotes/song lyrics all of which are in my school planer.

"Always remember, believe in today, believe in tomorrow, believe in yourself, and whatever happens, don't jump."

-Bill Kaulitz

‘Music has the power to take people to the planets and save them’

-Luke Steele

‘One good think about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.’

-Bob Marley

‘I believe with all my heart that every one of us has a purpose. It doesn’t matter what it is, but somewhere out there we all leave our mark.’

-Bill Kaulitz

‘Love the life you live. Live the life you love.’

-Bob Marley

No one knows how you feel, no one there you’d like to see, the day was dark and full of pain, you write help with your own blood, coz hope is all you’ve got, you open up your eyes but nothin’s changed. I don’t want to cause you trouble, don’t wanna stay too long, I just came here to say to you…

Turn around, I am here, If you want, it’s me you’ll see, doesn’t count, far or near, I can hold you when you reach for me…

By Your Side – Tokio Hotel

Oh my friend don’t get caught in yesterday. All the things we herd have left and made their way. Lower you guns even if love has turned to spite. We may find the enemy waiting in side.

Tales – Wolfmother

….i’m ready to fall, I’m ready to crawl, on my knees to know it all, I’m ready heal, I’m ready to feel.

Take me there, take me there, take me there..

Oh, they’re telling me it’s beautiful, I believe them, but will ever know, the world behind my wall.

World Behind My Wall – Tokio Hotel

‘Music dosen’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.’

-Jimi Hendrix

…when the world cuts your soul into pieces and you start to bleed, when you can’t breathe, I will be there, zoom into me.

Zoom Into Me – Tokio Hotel

Come on you can look at me, I don’t need to fit in, you can if you wanna see, touch I’m only human…

Hey You – Tokio Hotel

‘Judge me, I dare you’

Marilyn Monroe

‘No matter how sick she is or how bad she's looking at the moment, you still see her as the most beautiful person in the world. And if you’re really in love, you don’t care about all the other girls that are standing in line for you. You don’t want another night with any person. You just want her.’

-Bill Kaulitz

‘When Tom and I were young we had many liberties. We could stay up and go out later than kids in our age. But I never misused it. I never came back home drunk and threw up at my mother’s feet.’

-Bill Kaulitz
If I could do this for the rest of my life, if I could make my living with writing and composing songs - that would be ... the best thing ever.

-Bill Kaulitz

‘Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.’

i love the bill one about the chick, love It!

i dont really have much more to say so bye and hope enjoyed the quotes :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just coz i can ;)

YO! lol

well the main reason i am writing this blog is because of a lovely performance that tokio hotel did a while back @ the MTV Day in Greece.

and i was just listening to Monsoon live. It Is absolutely uber amazing [;) ] all the fans are singing, so here it is enjoy….!

i just decided to post the automatic too coz its everyone knows that too and it’s good too, as i was looking for the video i saw the Dark Side Of The Sun vid and now im going to post that too… may as well just post the whole concert but i wont :D


avabill68  LOL!

if anyone wants to see the rest of the vids here is the link, This is where i get my news from :)

it was an awesome performance and it also featured some new songs 


oh i also have done a review for Cosmic Egg on my other blog here’s the link…

oh and don’t ya juts love my new header i made it myself, lol of course.

I don’t think i will be blogging for awhile because i have heaps of assignments and this weekend i will not be at home because it is Nikita’s Mum’s girl’s in night party and im sleeping over and then on sunday its Courtney's birthday and thats a sleepover too.

But i am pissed off because i cant paint my Gustav Picture :(. I REALLLY REALLY want to finish it and when TH come i gonna gett it signed by him. I recon he would be stoked because he would never get much stuff like that the kaulitz would. and my next lesson is NEXT friday! :’( i really like art and imagination, no as much as i can say for vis com :S

ok well i  better get off i have homework lined up for me soy bye!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emotions :S

this week( from last wenesday) has been a very mixed emotion week; if that makes any sense.

First i was sad to leave NZ but glad to be home, then i was sad coz niki wasnt @ school and i wanted to go back to NZ. then On friday i was Fucking excited thanks to mammal. then on saturday i was happy in the morning/afternoon then at night i was so sad and felt like shit (over a issue that turned out not being half real :@ lol) then on monday i felt pretty good, but it was boring and meh. Yesterday i was grumpy because a certain, large teacher (not naming names) was being quite rude to me and i made some mistakes, then she cracked a spaz at me and clicked her tounge in disapproval. I felt like punching her in the face and yelling FUCK YOU! SORRY IM NOT ITALIAN! lol. and after the class one of my friends asked her the same question and she explained it to her, hate to favour students. Im kinda thinking that coz i went to NZ and had a pretty good time she is punishing me for that LOL. and i was also angry that calss coz i couldnt listen to music on my computer coz the sound was dodge and it made every song like it was alvin and the chipmonks :S. twards the end on the day i wass felling betta tho coz it was lovely and warm (BTW if you dont know i LOVE hot weather) today i have been quite good coz we’ve had pretty good subjects and for last period we got to set up the chammy for tomorrows big mass; for the year 12’s and we got to do posters and that was fun. though i wanted to punch a kid in the face coz every time i walked past he sed ‘moustache’  and then when i sed thanks every time i walked past again he rubbed his upper lip. now i really dont care that he bagged me it didnt hurt me in any way AT ALLcoz i kno i have a gross mo but its not my fault i cant wax it so yeah :P, but i did give me the shits lol

see random huh!? and i even colour coded it for ya :) well whats with setting up the chairs, well its the year 12’s last day tomoz, and im guessing that a couple of people will be a bit hung over. and i have a feeling it will eb boring and we will have to pack up the chairs.

BAHAHA my dad just showed me his new jumper, its bright red, it looks soo funny!!

ok well i really CBF writing any thing so

Tschüss!!!!!!!!!! (bye in german i love using german words lol)

heres the lovely kaulitz twins, even though they look like a couple haha


Friday, October 16, 2009

Mammal concert

I just came back from a mammal concert about an hour ago, It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! i would defenately go see them again live.

the night started off with Niki texting me after school thwe show was today and not tomorrow. so when i got home i checked the tickets and i was wrong it was tonight :S. so Niki and her mum came and picked me up at 5:30, i must admit that i was in a hurry. when we got to sale there was no one there so we went to mackas for a bit. then we headed to the gig, it was only after bout 5 min they were letting people in, i really wanted keep the ticket and put it on my wall of tickets but they cep it :(. there were 3 support acts. The first one i really liked, they were indie kinda people and one guy was quite good looking. the second was a hardcore screamo band, it was soo funny coz they would all headbang together, and i knew the guitarist, he works at leading edge music lol. the last was, what i thought was going to be another screamo band but they had a normal singer, these guys were quite boring.

after the support acts finished there was bout 30 min of set up time and it was mammal time! The started with an intro then it was Majority, tht was soo awesome i sang along with.. they call ya faggot, niger, bitch of the manority! i cant really remember the rest of the set list, mainly because they didnt play the songs i know, but they did play a few that i knew like majority, burn out, clear enough, think, hell yeah and smash the piñata at the end, which was so awesome i sang every word. me and Niki REALLY wanted them to play slaves, now that would be FUCKING AWESOME!! and i was jealous coz this guy yelled out an name of a song and they played it :(. The lead singer has a really good stage pressence, he does funny dancing and there was beach balls that were going around and a big one went on stage and he was sitting on the ball pretending it was kinda a carabrey thing, it was a pissa !

Mammal 16th of october 057

He even went into the crowd Mammal 16th of october 091

Them when i finished i really wanted to steal a poster on the wall but i too scared so nikita grabbed one off the wall for me. we move out into the foyer and i grabbed my bag and she went to the toilet. when she was finished we went back into the hall bit, coz she wanted a poster but there was none left then we went over to look at the merchindise and the lead singer was there :O! so i got my poster signed and we both got a pic whit him :D

over all it was a SO UBER GEIL (so very awesome) NIGHT!!!!

bye sarah

Mammal 16th of october 087

now im even more pumped about Tokio Hotel!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Humanoid tokio hotel album review

ok well today i finally got HUMANOID :D  the delux version btw .ok so im going to write an album review each song by song and then at the end an overall one. ok so here goes….

The first song that is on this album is a song called Noise.. i really like this song, its a great started it gets ya going and it also has up lifting lyrcs! one my fave lyrics is …. make some noise, here n earth, noise, to the world,noise,make them know,that you care, make noise, noise. great huh

2. dark side of the sun – my fav song that i havent herd before. it also has good good lyrics but the music just makes me wanna DANCE *breaks out dancing*

3. automatic – the first single of humanoid, when it came on i could sing the whole song, naturally :D great song, catchy guess why they picked it as the first single

4.the world behind my wall – this is a much softer song, though it is a good song also. this song has one of the best lyrics of the whole album! oh, they’re telling me it’s beautiful, i believe them but will i ever know the world behind my wall, oh, the sun will shine like never before, one day i will be ready to go, see the world behind my wall. great huh?! oh and did i mention tom also plays piano in it :)

5.humanoid – my fav song on humanoid, its a bit heavy, a bit distorted and i LOVE it, though at the start there is a bit of screamo it’s not that bad. though not the best lyrics but they stilll good!

6.forever now – another up lifting song especially the chorus. i cant really get into it thogh

7.pain of love – VERY DIFFRENT, at the verses it dosent even sound like TH. but i still like. the chorus is very easy to remember, i have hardly listened to it and i allready know it :P

8. dogs unleashed – at the start is sounds like britney spears.its ok but its a bit gay dancy for me , but they lyrics are good

9.human connect to human – this is a saucy song lol. i really like it though, the chorus is sooo catchy, lol and there is a funny lyric human conect to human, girl meets girl, know wat to do, how can i connect to you. usually where it says girl meets girl, it say BOY meets girl. i just think thats funny. it sounds a bit evil lol

10. hey you – this sounds like we will rock you at the start, there’s that clapping part in there. but this is also one of my fav non herd songs, also good lyrics

11. love and death – this son also has also lyrics and the way the bill sings just makes it amazing too. love the lyrics -  love am i watchin’ you swim or just seeing you drown, is it a tragedy or a comedy

12.zoom into me – oh my god! when i was listening to this song i almost started crying the lyrics are soo beautiful!!! and the whole mood of the song, GOSH! zoom into me, zoom into me, i know your scared when you can;t breathe, i will be there, zoom into me my fave lyrics of the whole album!!! this is my fav song non herd!!! at a TH concret i will be crying and singing :)

13 phantom rider – this is a song only on delux, this has the best lyrics on the album, though its not the best song over all.  im not going to quote the lyrics coz it would take too long.

14. that day – delux – also a sad song, it sounds really scary (screamo) when it says  gonna be ok, one day, one day, that day, never came, that day. it s also a angry song

15. alien –delux- pretty good song, good lyrics meh

16. screaming – delux – one of my have songs, the lyrics are really meaningfull, and uprising


ok well my overall review is – not my fave album but also a very good album and i must admit that they lyrics in this album are the best and are most meaningfull


ok well i hev to go to bed im soo tired well im back and now i leave you with ….

image TH bonus content

xox sarah

Saturday, October 3, 2009

im sick. :@


well im havin a great time in NZ but.... im bloddy sick!!!!!! yesterday we went to the hot pools and and we were driving just for 7 min and i spewed :S, i really wanted to got to the hot pools so we continued. while we were traviling i felt soo bad and when we got there i spewed and hardly could walk, i was shaking. then we i had the strenght to walk to the thing i was only in the pools for about 15 min and i got changed. when i was in the water the pressuer on my tummy made me feel sick. when i went back to the car i felt like shit, i was just like fuck this! when we started to leave the place, i spewed up when we were leaving the car park. when we finaly got home i wen straight to bed. Just like a few days before like when i was sick.

The hot pools were good tho, they were like normal publick pool but they were warm. there were three types, the warm one one, the hot on and the even hotter one.

Also at the moment i have a bit of a head ache and my tummy is a bit un settled. today we are having a rest day so hopefully i feel better for our trip to taipo tomoz.

ok now for the tokio hotel news hehe :P
Well i havent been able to really condense all the news that has been comming in coz im at my anties soi odn treally have time to read everything. so im gonna say the ost importand stuff.
-only a couple of days till hummanoid i realsesed in australia (its already realased in germany)
actually that teh only important news the rest is just interviews. well bill has changed his hair an it looks GOOD! alos the twins have revealed that they experimented with drugs, well i really dont care coz they only experimented with them and like heaps kids do that nowadays and the main thing is thay DON'T do drugs

well i feel really sick now so im not going to continue but i just have to post these pictures heres a privew ... ok well i cnt post a privew so here the link

xox sarah

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long one…

Hey! (half of this is from yestreday so i’ll cnange the colour of the wrighting to pink so you what was from yesterday and wats from today!

ok let me summarise what has been happening and will happpen. well the most important it that im going to new zealand on friday  DAS SO GEIL!! (thats so awesome in german :P)

well im activating international roaming on my phone, so that we can use it in new zealand. Mum has given me 50 dollars credit to use on my phone and the stuff that is left over i get ( i doubt that we will use it very over)

oh my fucking god, my brother is such a liar!! he is so good at covering it up, i always get the blame!! grr The incident that im angry atm is well he had a milk shake this morning and tonight i had to finis off the dishes that i didnt do last this morning (that he could have done it was only three things) and the blender cup thing wasnt one of the things that i didnt do and we had a fight about it and he is such a good liar!! mum didnt even care!(not that she does, coz we fight too much) and even after no one was around he still was lying :S untill finally just about 5 mins ago he read this paragraph he sed that .. “yes, i am talented arent i?” so then i shoved him against the wall :P it wasnt even that a bad of a thing, its just that he gives me the shits even when i look at him! or it could just be me and i need anger management, but i doubt its me!! :P

OK well as you may have noticed, especially if you read my other blog, that im kinda obsessed with tokio hotel! I like to summarise what has been happening with them and as well as my favourite band wolfmother ( yes that may have come to as a supprise because i talk so obsessively about TH but in actually fact WM and has been since i got their album for christmas in ‘06) soo here’s the lowdown(what a weird word) on the Th news…

well Bill has changed his hair..again and its AWESOME! WAY WAY better than his dreds/braids ok heres not the clearst pic but its the best of the very few! Kool right!? mohawkpic

well its a huge improvement on his previous hair

pea but its not as good as his lion hair

orig-8406611i hope for bills sake that he looks more masculine!but i think that he will, so i cant wait to see proper pictures of it (but i doubt i will for a while because NZ trip hope fully better pics surface tomorrow, dam stalker-ratizi  they must folow them and they cant even get a good picture, stupid!) they have been doing HEAPS of promotional things for Humanoid (their up-coming album) but just this week they have stopped. if i were to go through all the interviews i would be here forever!! but anyway they say almost the same stuff, so BORING! i think they guys would get so bored doing interviews asking the same things, wouldnt you? i know i would!

You might know that TH TV has started again and and there has been 3 epps already (another ones comming tomoz)

  1. seahorses and nightmares on the way to africa
  2. dreams some true, partytime (onr of my fave epps EVER!)
  3. mud and mountains in africa
  4. cake and tea (something like that) with ingrid and klaus

there has also been a couple of nokia and myspace TH TV’s too, i dont know why they are like that, they are only on those certatin site but  but it even has the same credits on all of them, they dont have like nokia TH TV but meh!

Th have also been nominated for a EMA Best group award.  and the thing will be in berlin so of course they have to be nominated, im not sure it they are doing a performance * i just checked and they are going to open!* BTW the EMA’s are on the 5th of november. I really hope they win coz they’re up against some tough completion such Green Day, the jonahs bros and some one else. I have already voted 20 times lol!

There has been many previews of their songs. there has been automatic/automatisch, humanoid, world behind my wall and noise i My favourite is HUMANOID! its an amazing song and its hasnt gone all pop but i has kinda gone heavy/screamo, i also like automatic but i dont think its their best song but its good, as most TH music is :P i like world behind my wall too even thought i have only listened to it once :P when automatic was not even released cherrytree records played on their online radio. That was SOOOO stupid because people would rip it off that and download it(i downloaded it :S) and TH would loose sales for their single release, though that hasnt happened beacuse the single is like #31 in italy and is in #80 or something in other countries, so i have a feeling that humanoid the album will do very well with sales!

there has been other news too but i cant remember anything else lol!

Now on to WM news… well the new moon rising tour has been going on for a while now.

i also entred a compotition to win some wolfmother prize on video hits. thats all the WM nesw i can think of, oh actually their new album ‘cosmic egg’ has been delayed again… and now it is set to be realased on the 21st of october grr!

I really HAVE to go now but just some quick factes…

-im going to mammal on the 17th of october with Niki :D

-im comming back from NZ on the 13th

- i got my TH top in the mail yesterday and im wearing it to teh airport!


ok well bye and i wont be posting for a while !! xoxox