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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darksider Playlist

What the frock is Darksider you may ask? well its a fanfiction that i have been writing, well i finished writing it like aggggeesssss ago, but i just finished posting it the other day.  Um there are other ning people on here reading (hi!!) and im pretty sure they dont want to read my usual ramblings, though you guys all (pfft yeah you all) probably dont want to eaither, but thats why i called it ramblings of a wolfchild. Ok sarah, restrain yourself…


Just in alphabetical order.

Blood by The Middle East, at the time i was writing, i didnt really like the song, i had it (i got it from a free download for Triple J) but i hadnt really listened to it and so a few months ago i finally listened to it and i liked it it and the lyrics were pretty relevant.

Darkside Of The Sun by Tokio Hotel, well this song is a no brainer. Its pretty much the inspiration the whole story. The darkside of the sun is where most of the story takes place and bill is a darksider.

Forgotten Children by Tokio Hotel.  The forgotten children or Vergessene Kinder are the founders of the city of dreams which is kinda a reality that Bill gets in to read Cyrah’s dreams.

The Great Escape by We Are Scientists. Well this is kinda just a random track that kinda made sense, its helped me with the chapter ‘The Not So Great Escape”

The Greatest View by Silverchair inspiration for the chapter ‘The Greatest View,’ obviously. Uh the reason to this is because when Bill took Cyrah up to throne room and showed her the view, Bill was in front of her and just imagine it, Bill in this spectacular landscape, the sun bouncing off his hair and the wind flipping it back….

Hearts a Mess by Gotye. First off, i want to acknowledge what an amazing song this is, apparently it took ages to record because of the so many layers. This track is the inspiration for the chapter ‘Hearts a Mess,’ who would have guessed, lol, but seriously, i really suck at naming the chapters. Ok, back to the subject, Cyrah’s heart was a mess because Bill had just betrayed her, but she still loved him, plus bill had just killed his twin…

Heilig (meaning holy) by Tokio Hotel, Cyrah is ‘Das Heilige’ which apparently means the holy one, but sorry to any Germans out there shaking their heads, i just chucked it in a translator.

Hung Out To Dry by Fu Manchu, name of the chapter ‘Been Hung Out To Dry’ explanation.. well she was tortured by a strechy thing, they actually used to use that, back in the day, with many other horrible forms of torture, how do i know this, because i went to the wax museum in QLD and there was two sections.

Ich Bin Nich’ Ich by Tokio Hotel, in chapter 11 ‘Occurrences’ Bill sung to her at night and thats what he sung. I originally had Rette Mich in there but i changed it to IBNI coz it was more relevant.

Liebe Ist Für Alle Da by Rammstien, means Love Is For All, it was a bit of a hint for what would happen in the final chapter (Bill admitting his love for Cyrah)

Little Secrets by Passion Pit, For the chapter ‘Little Secrets’ the ‘little’ secrets werent little at all, they were pretty big actually( that The Prodigy

Omen by The Prodigy, the song its self has nothing to with the story, (i just chose it coz it’s one of my favourite songs) its the band name that has relevance. The Prodigy (Tom) is the overseer, you could say, of the sun. The word prodigy means an unusually gifted or intelligent person.

Phantomrider by Tokio Hotel, in the story Phantomriders only make a small appearance, but they are like imagine fowl fat bikey pig creatures. They were the enemies in the Great War and a little bit of information that you may or may not need, they were banished to one of the sides of the sun, the darkside.

Reden by Tokio Hotel, again another irrelevant song, but relevant artist. The song is a bit more relevant because of the the things mentioned in the song. The chapter that it most applies to is chap 7 ‘Bill’s Living quarters’  because,  it talks about the ‘Tokio Hotel',’ in which he lives and what room he lives in; 483, which coincidently has a link to TH’s 2nd album Zimmer 483 (room 483)

Secret Alphabet by Kasabian, not the best song out there, but it totoally clicked when i was thinking for a name of the ‘sign’ language.

The Serpentine by The Dee Dee Dums (Tame Impala before they were, Tame Impala, lol) The serpentine is the bird bath thing, that the perpetual serpent comes out of.

Träumer By Tokio Hotel, Träumer means dreamer and so its relevant to call the fortune teller, Mirella, Träumer.

Übers Ende Der Welt by Tokio Hotel means over the end of the world. UEDW is a place of sanctum and peace, where all the sunsiders can go to to trade and pray, or whatever they do, and it’s also a portal.

Unendlichkeit by Tokio Hotel, is where Mirella lives and the city of dreams is found between it and 1000 meere. It also is never in the same place and it gets its light from mars so that’s why Bill can travel there.

Where Eagles Have Been by Wolfmother. First off, i really think you should check out this song, it’s amazing and no offence to Tom Kaulitz, but that is a real guitar solo, though Tom dosent do solo’s so its amazing when he does. Um anyways, what has this to do with Darksider? well this city of dreams i’ve been talking about, that’s in the song somewhere. What is the city of dreams? well it’s a reality that bill must travel too to get into Cyrah’s dreams.

Word On The Street by Pussy XXX, so i’ve probably already told all of you this, but my cousin’s girlfriend plays bass in the band and um i think you should totally check them out! Another random title song, chapter 14, and why is it the title, coz some random guy says that “Word on the street is Das Heilige is here.”

1000 Meere by Tokio Hotel, like die Unendlichkeit 1000 Meere it is a reality place. I havent really though much about it yet coz it hasnt really been important, but hey, if you guys decide you want a sequel,  maybe i’ll have to think about it…

and now, that concludes the darksider playlist, thanks for reading xx. sarah.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MUM! i’m hungry…..

Yes, it is true, im hungry, so tragic!! lol. Well anyway, im really bored, and im sure i could go on polyvore and make a few sets, but im trying to keep the good internet for a video release; which i will explain later.

ok, well i jus ate some chocolate, and im not so hungry anymore :)

So what’s this video release i was talking about, well there is this band which you may know i have taking a liking to; Tokio Hotel. Lol anyway, the video is from Darkside Of The Sun, which is one of my favourite songs of the Humanoid album… ah shit my batrie is about to run out, so byeeeee

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Exams pt 2

I just realised that i didnt even get to post this, but anyway, i will now :P


Ok so part 2.. biology!

i’ll colour code it all just coz i can….

1 cells

2 enzymes and membranes

3 digestive system

4 circulatory system

5 respiratory system

Im going to star of with the structure of a cell. (an animal cell first)

So we’ll star in the middle. The little thing inside the big purple thing is called the nucleolus. Its the thing in the middle of the cell, i makes proteins.

The big purple thing is called the cell nucleus which is pretty much the brain it orchestrates everything.

The green lines  are called the Golgi Apparatus which  package and store molecules before they are released from the cell.

The blue things are the endoplasmic reticulum which are transport systems. they’re like little channels that the proteins travel through.

The red things are Mitochondrion which is where cellular respiration occurs  (how things get energy)

Ribosome's are the little dots on the ER and they are where protein synthesis happens.

Where there is kinda nothing and its a yellow colour is where the cytoplasm is and thats where all the activites occur in the cell.

and last but not least is the blue thing on the out side the plasma membrane. It is made from a phospholipid bilayer and acts like a skin but it is semipermable which means things can enter and exit it, but it chooses what it lest in and what it doesn’t

there are other things in the diagram but i havent learnt about them yet.

Now plant cells are very similar cept for a few other.

Instead of the membrane plant cells have the cell wall. it provides extra support and protection.

There is the vacuole, which stores water (animal cells have one too, but they’re pretty small)

The green and yellow ovals are the chloroplast where photosynthesis happens. and inside those chloroplast (the green things) are chlorophyll, they are a green pigment and they absorb light for photosynthesis.

Ok so just as im about to finish on this unit of stuff there is one last thing, organelle, they are structures that perform specific functions.


There are two cell types Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic.

Pro ones are singular cellular organisms like for example bacteria have all the stuff inside them and only consist of one cell.

Euk’s are mutli-cellular organism are pretty much every other cell. they are membrane bound, have organelles and nucleus.


So the next thing is enzymes.

Enzymes are proteins that speed up reactions. They are made on ribosome's and may be used in a cell or exported.

They have an optimal temperature which they perform best at (37) and a optimal pH (7) when they go above they denature (are unable to perform normal activity *when it comes to pH the active site is lost*) when its below they become inactive (i like to think they hibernate and when ya warm em up they wake up again)


They have an active site (the yellow bit) which is the bit where the substrate (the one that fits. In this case the purple thing) then when the reaction occurs you get a product

Now for the membrane. As mentioned above, it is the outer most layer of  animal cell.

There are channels. Ok well im really cant be bothered continuing with the membranes :P

The digestive system

I dont wanna sound snobby, but im pro at the DS, i got an A+ on my exam (27/30) so im not gonna look at my notes!

Well im not gonna go into detail with this because i pretty much know it all.

So first the foods go in through your mouth (no shit, lol) you use ur teeth to chew which increases surface area makes it easier for the enzymes

well yet agin my brother has decided to come and take teh lappie from my but at leats i’ve got the hardest stuff done :P



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

exams… (part 1)(you might actually learn something from this..ahhh)

Well, im actually supposed to be studying, but i really dont want to. So instead im going to tell all you imaginary people out there what i am studying for!

So currently at my school it is exam week. You’ve got to do an exam for every subject cept R.E. I’ve already done my English and IT. Tomorrow i’ve got my Economics first period and Italian last and on friday I’ve got Biology first and Maths last. Isnt it great that my two hardest subjects are on the same day!

Im actually gonna explain what the tomorrows are about and this wall actually help me. So i am studying!!

First off, economics. Well its pretty self explanatory, its about economics, lol. Our teacher gives us these green folders and they’re got photocopies from some worksheet. They explain that the economy is like a game of footy. The normal people (consumers, workers, investors and savers) are the players; i actually think spectators would be a better comparison, but meh. The teams are the government, businesses and trade unions. Coaches are the government (people like the treasurer) they look at the big picture.

Now lets get in to some terms.

Infrastructure is pretty important! If your economy dosnet have infrastructure you’re pretty much fucked. So what is it? well its things like buildings, roads etc. 

How do you measure growth in your ech? well by a thing called the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) its measures a countries output of goods and services in a give time.

Ok well my brother just said that i have to get off the lap top so i cant continue the post, but luckily i did the italian stuff first :P

Finally for italian.

So this is a lot easier compared to the Ech one because its not on all the stuff we’ve done for the semester, just the new unit. So what’s the unit about? Well its based on a really gay concept ‘Una serata romantica’ (a romantic evening) but we’re learning about food and stuff; like what are the names of the shops, how to set a table(like the name of cutlery) Stuff about cooking and in need (for example i need some bread), so its actually relevant.

So first i’ll start off with the name of the shops.

Pascticceria – cake shop

Panificio - bakery

Latteria – dairy shop (cheese and milk)

Salumeria - deli

Fruttivendolo – Fruit and vege shop

Ok so there a pretty important thing, its the i need. So when you go to a shop you say Un po’. . . . eg della pasta. (i need some . . . pasta)

There is a rule thing that you have to do you have to combine di (of) with the article; you have a thing at the start for ‘the’ which changes for the last letter of the main word for the ‘the.’ Eg il pane (the bread)  so here it is.

di + il  = del

di + la = della

di + l’ = dell’

di + lo = dei

di + la = della

di + gli = degli

Ok, well could texplain some other stuff, but i think i’ll look to the text book for the next part :P

Now stay tunned for part two. I dont think i’ll be doing maths, but Biology. Prepare to learn about your cells…

peace.. Sarah!