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Sunday, December 15, 2013

“Boys cartoons”

Right now I’m half watching the good old cartoon Teenage Mutant Turtles. The reason I’m doing this is to save myself from going mental, and the reason I was going mental is because I realised that I really really want to watch all my favourite childhood tv shows, but I can’t.

If you were to go on my favourite childhood TV shows (primarily cartoons) you would have to call me a tomboy. My favourite cartoons were Spiderman (the early 90s version), Teenage Mutant Turtles (the 03 version), the old Transformers (80s version) and even the original Yu-Gi-Oh.

I know that I preferred these versions of Spiderman and TMNT because they’re quite a lot darker and more serious (in the sense that they’re more detailed characters, especially TMNT) than some of the other versions I’ve seen. Well I mean, I think that’s why I still really like them now as a so called “adult”. So I assume that’s why I liked the other two, maybe.

Now the problem for me is that I really want to watch all of these, but alas, basically all I cannot buy, even online! So there you see my dilemma, which will probably never be resolved. First world problems at their finest.

Here enjoy this -

(All of the theme songs for my four favs are super cool, especially Yu-Gi-Oh, but since I love TMNT and are watching them now you get this).

Monday, November 18, 2013


I originally started doing a post reflecting on my first year of uni and doing a sorta 101, but I soon got bored and felt like a bit of a douche.

Now that I’ve finished uni, I can start working on my Goodreads reading challenge. This year I set it at 40 books, but I’m not going too well and I blame that on uni.

I thought that as soon as I finished school and started uni, I would have heaps of time to read. Boy was I wrong. We have to do so many readings for each subject, each week and plus I had books to read for literature.

This is really bad because I think I have a problem with buying books. Despite my inability to find time to read my books, I still buy them. And generally I don’t just buy one, no, I buy in friggen bulk. There is one exception however and that is when the books are full-priced-non-bargain-bin-second-hand-super-booksale books.

Anyway, hopefully now that I’m stopping literature I’ll have a bit more time to do my own reading. Eh, probably not considering I’m doing history, but I can hope.

I just started reading To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf and so far I’m liking it. All though the stream of consciousness is always hard to grasp, I’m liking it better than Mrs Dalloway.  I read Mrs Dalloway for lit, but I didn’t really like it that much because I found the central events (the whole party thing) so boring despite the scream of consciousness to keep it interesting.

Speaking of writing methodologies (sorta) I’ve just been looking through some of my old post, like circa 2010 and my god, my grammar and writing was so horrible! I feel really embarrassed, especially when I stumbled off a post about one of my old fan fics, which led me to follow the post to the good old THF. But some of the stuff I found there… god it’s a surprise they let me post it considering they have mods to check the chapters before they’re published. At least that’s in the past now, because check out this grammar!!

But looking at my old THF page made me want to start writing again, so maybe I might just start! It could be what I do in the Philippines for the holiday in Feb….

Ok bye, I’m going to have a look in the ol’ fic folder.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Same old, same old.

I realise this must just be a thing, this late night blogging. Maybe I’m some sort of blogpire or something. No probably not, that’s just me watching too much Supernatural. I’ve started watching the seasons all again now that I’ve finished uni, well almost. I’ve still got a exam to go and that’s for literature. To be completely honest I have no motivation at all to study, and I think it’s because this semester I haven’t gotten into lit as the previous semester. I liked the course itself, but I didn’t really like my tutor and I haven’t been getting the best marks. So that’s why I’m dropping lit next year and picking up history. I’m doing first year medieval and renaissance history, even though I’ll be in second year but I’m not even bothered by it because people don’t even care at uni.

When I wrote the first sentence of this blog “I realise this must just be a thing, this late night blogging” I was thinking yeah this has happened heaps of times, as if there had been a few days elapsed between posts….yeah no, try a year ago two times!

It’s really funny reading old posts, especially since I’m basically just repeating the same things over and over again. Like, I’m still watching Supernatural, I still want to play the Sims (but I’m up to my 9th generation now) and I’m still nearing the end of some sort of study period. Can you actually get a more boring life than that?! Well I’ll tell you one thing that is a exciting and that is I’m going to the Philippines in Feb. So it should be super sick, especially since I’m going to get some dresses custom made because it’s cheap to do so there, and it’s festa time!!!

So with that, here’s a super sick courtesy Connan Mockasin -

Thursday, June 27, 2013

TV shows and their shit.

If life gave us all that we wanted, I would be watching season five of Supernatural right now, however, since my mum didn’t end up renting it, I am writing this blog post.

It’s been a while between posts; I just checked and the last post was in February. Well let’s see, what have I done in the past five months? Nothing really apart from going to uni. Believe me, this is no exaggeration. Whenever I go somewhere apart from uni my best friend/housemate and I call it a “Sarah’s day out.”

But now, guess what? It’s our break, and a four week one at that! Actually in all honesty, I’ve already had another three weeks off, and in that time, one exam hasn’t stopped me doing what I do best: get emotionally involved with TV shows.

In about I three days I watched a season of Community, which is a pretty good effort considering from about midday till 4:40 (I would do a practice exam at the exact time that my Lit exam was on) I studied the non stop. Once I finished my exam though, I let it rip; on my own I finished season two of the Hour (talk about feels) watched about four guilty pleasure chick flicks, and with my best friend/housemate we watched most of Hannibal (I have two episodes left and I’m dying because people keep posting about it on tumblr).

But my.. I’ll just call her my friemate, and I still have to watch season three of Game Of Thrones (now being part of the GoT fandom on tumblr, and not having watched the third season is the worst; three words for you, The Red Wedding. Yeah spoilers are the bane of my existence!) and season 2 of Hart of Dixie (don’t judge me on that one, it is the most addictive show in the world!).

Oh and then I also bought  Parade’s End and Supernatural (I bought seasons 1-7 box set, which was only $120 on special, plus I has a gift card, so talk about a bargain!) ages ago which I have to get through too, so looks like it’s busy and not to mention emotional times for me.

Yeah, so for the past few days I’ve just been watching Supernatural, and today mum and I just sat in the lounge, both in our pyjamas, watching it, until the season ended and we couldn’t go on to the next one because the box set is at my house in the city.

You know what, this blog post took away my need to watch Supernatural for a few minutes, but now I’m just back to where I started. Tomorrow I’ll probably be worse and when I’m taking orders at work I’ll ask people they’re names and I think they’ll be saying Castiel but really they’re name will be just be Luke or something.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Just summing up my past few weeks.

I got an offer into a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash Uni in Melbourne which was my desired course. I was so surprised that I actually got into it because my score was lower than required, and as you can imagine I was ecstatic.

Along with a required Journalism major and a Journalism Studies minor, I’m doing Behavioural Studies and Literary Studies, which I hope shall be interesting and thus, enjoyable. I’m glad at least, that I’m not doing maths.

Big Day Out was last weekend and it was pretty good. It wasn't as good as a whole in comparison to the past to years, however, Foals were so fucking good they just made up for it.

Throughout the past week I’ve had a pretty bad flu, so for once in my life I’ve actually stayed in bed for the whole day while I’ve been sick – and I mean for the whole day on one occasion. What do you ask have I been doing in bed? Well because I could not read (yes, I was that sick) I just watched films and TV shows. Examples were Sherlock and Wuthering Heights (the one with Tom Hardy as Heathcliff, who does a really good job and is also an ultimate babe).

In the spaces between this I basically have just been working, reading and reading some more, which, coincidentally is what I’m off to do now. (It’s Great Expectations by Dickens, which is not only a book that has been sitting and waiting on my shelf for a long time, but also is a book prescribed to me for uni!