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Thursday, June 27, 2013

TV shows and their shit.

If life gave us all that we wanted, I would be watching season five of Supernatural right now, however, since my mum didn’t end up renting it, I am writing this blog post.

It’s been a while between posts; I just checked and the last post was in February. Well let’s see, what have I done in the past five months? Nothing really apart from going to uni. Believe me, this is no exaggeration. Whenever I go somewhere apart from uni my best friend/housemate and I call it a “Sarah’s day out.”

But now, guess what? It’s our break, and a four week one at that! Actually in all honesty, I’ve already had another three weeks off, and in that time, one exam hasn’t stopped me doing what I do best: get emotionally involved with TV shows.

In about I three days I watched a season of Community, which is a pretty good effort considering from about midday till 4:40 (I would do a practice exam at the exact time that my Lit exam was on) I studied the non stop. Once I finished my exam though, I let it rip; on my own I finished season two of the Hour (talk about feels) watched about four guilty pleasure chick flicks, and with my best friend/housemate we watched most of Hannibal (I have two episodes left and I’m dying because people keep posting about it on tumblr).

But my.. I’ll just call her my friemate, and I still have to watch season three of Game Of Thrones (now being part of the GoT fandom on tumblr, and not having watched the third season is the worst; three words for you, The Red Wedding. Yeah spoilers are the bane of my existence!) and season 2 of Hart of Dixie (don’t judge me on that one, it is the most addictive show in the world!).

Oh and then I also bought  Parade’s End and Supernatural (I bought seasons 1-7 box set, which was only $120 on special, plus I has a gift card, so talk about a bargain!) ages ago which I have to get through too, so looks like it’s busy and not to mention emotional times for me.

Yeah, so for the past few days I’ve just been watching Supernatural, and today mum and I just sat in the lounge, both in our pyjamas, watching it, until the season ended and we couldn’t go on to the next one because the box set is at my house in the city.

You know what, this blog post took away my need to watch Supernatural for a few minutes, but now I’m just back to where I started. Tomorrow I’ll probably be worse and when I’m taking orders at work I’ll ask people they’re names and I think they’ll be saying Castiel but really they’re name will be just be Luke or something.

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