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Friday, February 1, 2013


Just summing up my past few weeks.

I got an offer into a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash Uni in Melbourne which was my desired course. I was so surprised that I actually got into it because my score was lower than required, and as you can imagine I was ecstatic.

Along with a required Journalism major and a Journalism Studies minor, I’m doing Behavioural Studies and Literary Studies, which I hope shall be interesting and thus, enjoyable. I’m glad at least, that I’m not doing maths.

Big Day Out was last weekend and it was pretty good. It wasn't as good as a whole in comparison to the past to years, however, Foals were so fucking good they just made up for it.

Throughout the past week I’ve had a pretty bad flu, so for once in my life I’ve actually stayed in bed for the whole day while I’ve been sick – and I mean for the whole day on one occasion. What do you ask have I been doing in bed? Well because I could not read (yes, I was that sick) I just watched films and TV shows. Examples were Sherlock and Wuthering Heights (the one with Tom Hardy as Heathcliff, who does a really good job and is also an ultimate babe).

In the spaces between this I basically have just been working, reading and reading some more, which, coincidentally is what I’m off to do now. (It’s Great Expectations by Dickens, which is not only a book that has been sitting and waiting on my shelf for a long time, but also is a book prescribed to me for uni!


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