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Monday, November 26, 2012

Things not to do when on ‘holiday.’

I started learning German again today. I had decided a few days before my final exam that I would start up again. I think the my use of “again” needs a bit of clarification. Back in the days when the dreaming of Tokio Hotel’s, instead of Horrors, was at it’s peak, I made my parents buy me a teach-yourself-german-kit, and I had started to ‘get into it,’ but then I was hit by my final year of school. Even though I am not as infatuated with Tokio Hotel as I once was, now seems the right time to recommence my lessons in this wonderful language.

Honestly though, I don’t know why I would want to do this because it’s just like still in school. Also as, I’ve said in a previous post, I’ve started writing again, which is not very holiday-like. However I think I spend much more time researching (trying to find good houses) than I actually do writing – which could, as a matter of fact, be good in the long run. And then there’s the reading. God damn it, these are supposed to be my holidays!!

I’m either going mental or it’s a way for my subconscious to remain in a education mode so that my mind doesn’t turn to mush when I go to uni. I think I’ll take that option.

Mind you, I have been playing Fable II a mighty lot so that could make up for my scholar-type activities, and I also enjoy the things that I have been doing so it’s not really that bad.

OH but I tell you what is bad! The fact that the current season of Merlin is going to be the last one ever! It’s so depressing. I’m going to buy the box set of it so that my mum can take series 3 and 4, that we have on their own to meet their fellows 1 and 2, back in the Philippines when she goes back for Christmas, and then I can be depressed forever watching it.

Oh and ya know, just mentioning that I’m going to see My Bloody Valentine in February. It’s just gonna be my, ya know, first 18+ concert and I’ll just be seeing a band that hasn’t come to Australia in maybe 21 years. 

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