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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First world problems.

I should be happy. I just finished my final exam, which means that apart from graduation in two days, never have to go to school again. In a few months I’ll be off to university to learn my trade of journalism. I’m ready to start a new chapter of my life, but I just feel like I’m being held back.

If I was writing this blog post yesterday morning, my mood would be the complete opposite to it’s current status. It’s just been certain events in the past 24 hours that have led me to feel like shit and not good enough. I entered into this blog post preparing to write down everything I’m feeling now, but I don’t feel I will.

So I think I’ll just have to go to my favourite depression cure; Vampire Knight, so that I can at least my life is not as bad a Zero’s who abhors vampires, but is one himself. #fangirl4lyf

Actually, this sort of mood is great to write a new story that I just started writing. I haven’t written anything (well non school related) in months, so I’m really excited about this. This is the first thing that I have written without it tying in with any fanfictions, which is an achievement. It’s a period gothic inspired story which I’m rather fond of.

It’s true that writing stuff - well in this case typing – down actually helps to make you feel better. So smell ya later.

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