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Friday, November 9, 2012

Midnights without Faris.

This time must just be my zen time for writing blogs. Maybe it’ll become routine, like before I go to sleep I have to read. So it’ll become a routine of blog, read, sleep. Maybe.

I just finished watching Midnight in Paris and it was so good. If you like Paris and the 1920’s it is the film for you! It goes on a journey through which a 20th century man, meets legendary writers and artists.

I’ve actually become really interested in art (and architecture) lately. As well as history, but I’ve always liked history, but I've started exploring beyond 19th century Brittan. I might do a post about some of the interesting things I’ve become fascinated at another time; one in which I am not half dead.

The only real flaw of the film is that there is not enough Adrien Brody; because not only is he a babe, he’s a brilliant actor. He plays Salvador Dali and their resemblance is uncanny!

Seriously, through, this is such a beautiful crafted and written film that you must watch!

Oh, you know how I said I just finished watching Midnight In Paris, I lie. I actually just finished – as in before I started writing this – watching the following video of my husband prancing around in a custom made jacket for a project that I’m not entirely sure what it is for myself. But watch the video and read more about it here.

P.S you know you love the title of this blog post.

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