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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Same old, same old.

I realise this must just be a thing, this late night blogging. Maybe I’m some sort of blogpire or something. No probably not, that’s just me watching too much Supernatural. I’ve started watching the seasons all again now that I’ve finished uni, well almost. I’ve still got a exam to go and that’s for literature. To be completely honest I have no motivation at all to study, and I think it’s because this semester I haven’t gotten into lit as the previous semester. I liked the course itself, but I didn’t really like my tutor and I haven’t been getting the best marks. So that’s why I’m dropping lit next year and picking up history. I’m doing first year medieval and renaissance history, even though I’ll be in second year but I’m not even bothered by it because people don’t even care at uni.

When I wrote the first sentence of this blog “I realise this must just be a thing, this late night blogging” I was thinking yeah this has happened heaps of times, as if there had been a few days elapsed between posts….yeah no, try a year ago two times!

It’s really funny reading old posts, especially since I’m basically just repeating the same things over and over again. Like, I’m still watching Supernatural, I still want to play the Sims (but I’m up to my 9th generation now) and I’m still nearing the end of some sort of study period. Can you actually get a more boring life than that?! Well I’ll tell you one thing that is a exciting and that is I’m going to the Philippines in Feb. So it should be super sick, especially since I’m going to get some dresses custom made because it’s cheap to do so there, and it’s festa time!!!

So with that, here’s a super sick courtesy Connan Mockasin -

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