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Sunday, December 15, 2013

“Boys cartoons”

Right now I’m half watching the good old cartoon Teenage Mutant Turtles. The reason I’m doing this is to save myself from going mental, and the reason I was going mental is because I realised that I really really want to watch all my favourite childhood tv shows, but I can’t.

If you were to go on my favourite childhood TV shows (primarily cartoons) you would have to call me a tomboy. My favourite cartoons were Spiderman (the early 90s version), Teenage Mutant Turtles (the 03 version), the old Transformers (80s version) and even the original Yu-Gi-Oh.

I know that I preferred these versions of Spiderman and TMNT because they’re quite a lot darker and more serious (in the sense that they’re more detailed characters, especially TMNT) than some of the other versions I’ve seen. Well I mean, I think that’s why I still really like them now as a so called “adult”. So I assume that’s why I liked the other two, maybe.

Now the problem for me is that I really want to watch all of these, but alas, basically all I cannot buy, even online! So there you see my dilemma, which will probably never be resolved. First world problems at their finest.

Here enjoy this -

(All of the theme songs for my four favs are super cool, especially Yu-Gi-Oh, but since I love TMNT and are watching them now you get this).

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