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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Of elves and stuff

This blog post is sorta a continuation of a set I posted on polyvore. I finally finished the Lord of The Ring yesterday, so I decided to make a set inspired by the detailing of when they Frodo and co go to the Havens.

As I said in the polyvore post, I hadn’t read it, nor seen the movies and never really had any drive to read or watch it. In all honesty though, I’m not really sure why I never had any inclination to even watch the movies, especially since one of my favourite games ever is Warlords Battlecry, of which I’ve been playing since I was ten, at least. Now if you’re unfamiliar with Warlords, you basically pick a race of warriors (for example humans, orcs, the undead, minotaurs and my go to race, wood elves - already you can see the similarities of LoTR and the game) and you have to build up your army to fight other races to conquer regions. Also, from my last post you can see as a kid I wasn’t really a girly girl, so why I didn’t get into it, it’s a mystery to me!

Anyway, my best friend/housemate had been telling me that we’d have to have a LoTR marathon and I was like “yeah ok whatever” but it hadn’t happened because I wasn’t that interested. But one day while I was having a look in an op-shop and I found a copy of the the LoTR for $4! So thus, I finished the last book I was reading and then read it, but not without reading the Hobbit first.

Speaking of the Hobbit I just finished watching the first one, after I have been harassing my mum for the past few days to bring it home. Now we will be able to go with my cousin to see the second one. Also I will now be able to have that LoTR marathon which will make my friend happy.

Now that I’ve finished the two books (I probs wont read The Silmarillion or Unfinished tales) I’ve moved onto the second last of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, Last Stand of the Dead Men. I really cant believe its nearly over, but there’s been eight books already! So that means I’ve been reading those books since I was 12, that’s pretty ridiculous!

But now this blog post is coming to an end and my wood elf troops are calling me into battle, and so hear their call! (I’m going to play Warlords, and here’s some of the soundtrack that you should listen to).

Don’t even tell me this is not kickass!

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