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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crafts and ninja turtles

I’ve actually been wanting to write a blog for ages, but alas, uni has been keeping me busy.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had assignment after assignment, admittedly to my own fault. I thought that I would be smart and for my two subjects that needed oral presentations do them early, but I miss calculated and found that there were one week after another. So with that plus my other assignments I’ve been dead.

But I’ve just finished my last assignment for the while and now I’m finally able to do things I actually want! What are those things that I want? Well crafts and watching TV shows, that’s what.

Every time the weather starts getting colder, my need to knit gets stronger. So I headed on over to spotlight and bought some nice yarn. God, over the past few weeks I’ve spent so much money at spotlight, but I’ve bought so many nice yarns. I decided that I needed to get a membership so I could grab some bargains.

In terms of projects I’ve got a couple going on, planned and finished which calls for dot points.

  • I finished my first beanie ever that I made for my cousin, of which I don’t have a picture.
  • I’m currently working on a blanket, which is really great for doing which watching TV because its one stich so you don’t have to concentrate.
  • Also I’m working on one of those snood things, with yarn in a teal colour with specks of other colours.
  • I bought this beautiful soft yarn (in the grey and a light brown) which I want to turn into a scarf.
  • I bought this yarn in this colour and in a grey. In the red I’m going to knit another scarf and in the grey I’m going to do a cardigan. It’s going to me by first cardigan and I’m that excited. I’m getting the cardigan pattern from this pattern book I bought, of which I just want to make everything inside.

Snapshot_20140425But knitting isn’t the only thing I’ve started. I’ve just gotten into embroidery. Last night i finished my first embroidery project, see him below. It was a practice for a thing I’m making for my mum for mothers day. Once I’m finished I’ll post a picture of the finished product.


Now in regards to turtles, if you look back to previous posts you’ll see that I was super depressed because I couldn’t get TMNT. Well guess what?! I got my hands on a copy!!! In fact I’m watching it as I type!

I was so scared that it would be really shit and my whole childhood ruined, but there was nothing it be scared of. I think  love it more than I did when I was a kid! The episode I’m up to is part 3 of 3 of a series of eps and its pretty deep. They’ve gone underground and befriended these guys who were once human, but were turned into monsters after experiments, and there was one guy talking about how he was soon to descend into madness and stuff and it was just super deep. Also right now its pretty creepy and my hearts pounding a bit, to be honest. On a lighter note, also Mikey is hilarious. Ok, I think I better get back to paying 100% attention, smell ya later.

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