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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mandatory end of semester blog post

Yes that’s right, I’ve finished for the semester! I submitted my final assignment this afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago I bought my first sewing machine (well that’s not completely true because first dad actually paid for it but its an early Christmas present and I bought this really cheap sewing machine for like $30 and it basically sucked) which is a singer and I love it. I’ve been waiting till I finished uni till I could start using it and so finally yesterday I got a chance (yesterday I submitted my last major assignment).

I did a few practice stitches and seams on a 100 year old pillow case and then I had a go of turning it into a skirt. I then repaired a pair of my dad’s pants and then I started altering a dress of mine of which I finished today.

I’ve been buying a heap of patterns from the op shop which are super cheap and also really cool; I bought this jacket pattern from 1960!! So I can’t wait to go into spotlight and get some cool fabric and start making.

Also I’ve be constantly knitting my cardigan and it actually looks like one now.

Ok I can’t be bothered writing more, soz too busy watching TMNT.

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