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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emotions :S

this week( from last wenesday) has been a very mixed emotion week; if that makes any sense.

First i was sad to leave NZ but glad to be home, then i was sad coz niki wasnt @ school and i wanted to go back to NZ. then On friday i was Fucking excited thanks to mammal. then on saturday i was happy in the morning/afternoon then at night i was so sad and felt like shit (over a issue that turned out not being half real :@ lol) then on monday i felt pretty good, but it was boring and meh. Yesterday i was grumpy because a certain, large teacher (not naming names) was being quite rude to me and i made some mistakes, then she cracked a spaz at me and clicked her tounge in disapproval. I felt like punching her in the face and yelling FUCK YOU! SORRY IM NOT ITALIAN! lol. and after the class one of my friends asked her the same question and she explained it to her, hate to favour students. Im kinda thinking that coz i went to NZ and had a pretty good time she is punishing me for that LOL. and i was also angry that calss coz i couldnt listen to music on my computer coz the sound was dodge and it made every song like it was alvin and the chipmonks :S. twards the end on the day i wass felling betta tho coz it was lovely and warm (BTW if you dont know i LOVE hot weather) today i have been quite good coz we’ve had pretty good subjects and for last period we got to set up the chammy for tomorrows big mass; for the year 12’s and we got to do posters and that was fun. though i wanted to punch a kid in the face coz every time i walked past he sed ‘moustache’  and then when i sed thanks every time i walked past again he rubbed his upper lip. now i really dont care that he bagged me it didnt hurt me in any way AT ALLcoz i kno i have a gross mo but its not my fault i cant wax it so yeah :P, but i did give me the shits lol

see random huh!? and i even colour coded it for ya :) well whats with setting up the chairs, well its the year 12’s last day tomoz, and im guessing that a couple of people will be a bit hung over. and i have a feeling it will eb boring and we will have to pack up the chairs.

BAHAHA my dad just showed me his new jumper, its bright red, it looks soo funny!!

ok well i really CBF writing any thing so

Tschüss!!!!!!!!!! (bye in german i love using german words lol)

heres the lovely kaulitz twins, even though they look like a couple haha


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