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Friday, October 16, 2009

Mammal concert

I just came back from a mammal concert about an hour ago, It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! i would defenately go see them again live.

the night started off with Niki texting me after school thwe show was today and not tomorrow. so when i got home i checked the tickets and i was wrong it was tonight :S. so Niki and her mum came and picked me up at 5:30, i must admit that i was in a hurry. when we got to sale there was no one there so we went to mackas for a bit. then we headed to the gig, it was only after bout 5 min they were letting people in, i really wanted keep the ticket and put it on my wall of tickets but they cep it :(. there were 3 support acts. The first one i really liked, they were indie kinda people and one guy was quite good looking. the second was a hardcore screamo band, it was soo funny coz they would all headbang together, and i knew the guitarist, he works at leading edge music lol. the last was, what i thought was going to be another screamo band but they had a normal singer, these guys were quite boring.

after the support acts finished there was bout 30 min of set up time and it was mammal time! The started with an intro then it was Majority, tht was soo awesome i sang along with.. they call ya faggot, niger, bitch of the manority! i cant really remember the rest of the set list, mainly because they didnt play the songs i know, but they did play a few that i knew like majority, burn out, clear enough, think, hell yeah and smash the piƱata at the end, which was so awesome i sang every word. me and Niki REALLY wanted them to play slaves, now that would be FUCKING AWESOME!! and i was jealous coz this guy yelled out an name of a song and they played it :(. The lead singer has a really good stage pressence, he does funny dancing and there was beach balls that were going around and a big one went on stage and he was sitting on the ball pretending it was kinda a carabrey thing, it was a pissa !

Mammal 16th of october 057

He even went into the crowd Mammal 16th of october 091

Them when i finished i really wanted to steal a poster on the wall but i too scared so nikita grabbed one off the wall for me. we move out into the foyer and i grabbed my bag and she went to the toilet. when she was finished we went back into the hall bit, coz she wanted a poster but there was none left then we went over to look at the merchindise and the lead singer was there :O! so i got my poster signed and we both got a pic whit him :D

over all it was a SO UBER GEIL (so very awesome) NIGHT!!!!

bye sarah

Mammal 16th of october 087

now im even more pumped about Tokio Hotel!!

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