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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just coz i can ;)

YO! lol

well the main reason i am writing this blog is because of a lovely performance that tokio hotel did a while back @ the MTV Day in Greece.

and i was just listening to Monsoon live. It Is absolutely uber amazing [;) ] all the fans are singing, so here it is enjoy….!

i just decided to post the automatic too coz its everyone knows that too and it’s good too, as i was looking for the video i saw the Dark Side Of The Sun vid and now im going to post that too… may as well just post the whole concert but i wont :D


avabill68  LOL!

if anyone wants to see the rest of the vids here is the link, This is where i get my news from :)

it was an awesome performance and it also featured some new songs 


oh i also have done a review for Cosmic Egg on my other blog here’s the link…

oh and don’t ya juts love my new header i made it myself, lol of course.

I don’t think i will be blogging for awhile because i have heaps of assignments and this weekend i will not be at home because it is Nikita’s Mum’s girl’s in night party and im sleeping over and then on sunday its Courtney's birthday and thats a sleepover too.

But i am pissed off because i cant paint my Gustav Picture :(. I REALLLY REALLY want to finish it and when TH come i gonna gett it signed by him. I recon he would be stoked because he would never get much stuff like that the kaulitz would. and my next lesson is NEXT friday! :’( i really like art and imagination, no as much as i can say for vis com :S

ok well i  better get off i have homework lined up for me soy bye!!!!!!!!

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