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Saturday, October 3, 2009

im sick. :@


well im havin a great time in NZ but.... im bloddy sick!!!!!! yesterday we went to the hot pools and and we were driving just for 7 min and i spewed :S, i really wanted to got to the hot pools so we continued. while we were traviling i felt soo bad and when we got there i spewed and hardly could walk, i was shaking. then we i had the strenght to walk to the thing i was only in the pools for about 15 min and i got changed. when i was in the water the pressuer on my tummy made me feel sick. when i went back to the car i felt like shit, i was just like fuck this! when we started to leave the place, i spewed up when we were leaving the car park. when we finaly got home i wen straight to bed. Just like a few days before like when i was sick.

The hot pools were good tho, they were like normal publick pool but they were warm. there were three types, the warm one one, the hot on and the even hotter one.

Also at the moment i have a bit of a head ache and my tummy is a bit un settled. today we are having a rest day so hopefully i feel better for our trip to taipo tomoz.

ok now for the tokio hotel news hehe :P
Well i havent been able to really condense all the news that has been comming in coz im at my anties soi odn treally have time to read everything. so im gonna say the ost importand stuff.
-only a couple of days till hummanoid i realsesed in australia (its already realased in germany)
actually that teh only important news the rest is just interviews. well bill has changed his hair an it looks GOOD! alos the twins have revealed that they experimented with drugs, well i really dont care coz they only experimented with them and like heaps kids do that nowadays and the main thing is thay DON'T do drugs

well i feel really sick now so im not going to continue but i just have to post these pictures heres a privew ... ok well i cnt post a privew so here the link

xox sarah

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