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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long one…

Hey! (half of this is from yestreday so i’ll cnange the colour of the wrighting to pink so you what was from yesterday and wats from today!

ok let me summarise what has been happening and will happpen. well the most important it that im going to new zealand on friday  DAS SO GEIL!! (thats so awesome in german :P)

well im activating international roaming on my phone, so that we can use it in new zealand. Mum has given me 50 dollars credit to use on my phone and the stuff that is left over i get ( i doubt that we will use it very over)

oh my fucking god, my brother is such a liar!! he is so good at covering it up, i always get the blame!! grr The incident that im angry atm is well he had a milk shake this morning and tonight i had to finis off the dishes that i didnt do last this morning (that he could have done it was only three things) and the blender cup thing wasnt one of the things that i didnt do and we had a fight about it and he is such a good liar!! mum didnt even care!(not that she does, coz we fight too much) and even after no one was around he still was lying :S untill finally just about 5 mins ago he read this paragraph he sed that .. “yes, i am talented arent i?” so then i shoved him against the wall :P it wasnt even that a bad of a thing, its just that he gives me the shits even when i look at him! or it could just be me and i need anger management, but i doubt its me!! :P

OK well as you may have noticed, especially if you read my other blog, that im kinda obsessed with tokio hotel! I like to summarise what has been happening with them and as well as my favourite band wolfmother ( yes that may have come to as a supprise because i talk so obsessively about TH but in actually fact WM and has been since i got their album for christmas in ‘06) soo here’s the lowdown(what a weird word) on the Th news…

well Bill has changed his hair..again and its AWESOME! WAY WAY better than his dreds/braids ok heres not the clearst pic but its the best of the very few! Kool right!? mohawkpic

well its a huge improvement on his previous hair

pea but its not as good as his lion hair

orig-8406611i hope for bills sake that he looks more masculine!but i think that he will, so i cant wait to see proper pictures of it (but i doubt i will for a while because NZ trip hope fully better pics surface tomorrow, dam stalker-ratizi  they must folow them and they cant even get a good picture, stupid!) they have been doing HEAPS of promotional things for Humanoid (their up-coming album) but just this week they have stopped. if i were to go through all the interviews i would be here forever!! but anyway they say almost the same stuff, so BORING! i think they guys would get so bored doing interviews asking the same things, wouldnt you? i know i would!

You might know that TH TV has started again and and there has been 3 epps already (another ones comming tomoz)

  1. seahorses and nightmares on the way to africa
  2. dreams some true, partytime (onr of my fave epps EVER!)
  3. mud and mountains in africa
  4. cake and tea (something like that) with ingrid and klaus

there has also been a couple of nokia and myspace TH TV’s too, i dont know why they are like that, they are only on those certatin site but  but it even has the same credits on all of them, they dont have like nokia TH TV but meh!

Th have also been nominated for a EMA Best group award.  and the thing will be in berlin so of course they have to be nominated, im not sure it they are doing a performance * i just checked and they are going to open!* BTW the EMA’s are on the 5th of november. I really hope they win coz they’re up against some tough completion such Green Day, the jonahs bros and some one else. I have already voted 20 times lol!

There has been many previews of their songs. there has been automatic/automatisch, humanoid, world behind my wall and noise i My favourite is HUMANOID! its an amazing song and its hasnt gone all pop but i has kinda gone heavy/screamo, i also like automatic but i dont think its their best song but its good, as most TH music is :P i like world behind my wall too even thought i have only listened to it once :P when automatic was not even released cherrytree records played on their online radio. That was SOOOO stupid because people would rip it off that and download it(i downloaded it :S) and TH would loose sales for their single release, though that hasnt happened beacuse the single is like #31 in italy and is in #80 or something in other countries, so i have a feeling that humanoid the album will do very well with sales!

there has been other news too but i cant remember anything else lol!

Now on to WM news… well the new moon rising tour has been going on for a while now.

i also entred a compotition to win some wolfmother prize on video hits. thats all the WM nesw i can think of, oh actually their new album ‘cosmic egg’ has been delayed again… and now it is set to be realased on the 21st of october grr!

I really HAVE to go now but just some quick factes…

-im going to mammal on the 17th of october with Niki :D

-im comming back from NZ on the 13th

- i got my TH top in the mail yesterday and im wearing it to teh airport!


ok well bye and i wont be posting for a while !! xoxox



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