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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tom Jai!? WBMWvid + more

vas up?? Burno, lol

I haven't actually done a long post on this blog for a while so, i have a felling that this will be quite loooong.

Hmmm what to start off with, well the first thing that comes to mind is the Tom Kaulitz might be going to JAIL!!!! ahhhhhh, it’s over a incident that happened in April i think i’ll explain what i get.

Tom pulled into a gas station and there were some girls there, the girls came over to get an autograph and what not, then tapped his window he did not open the window, then he chucked out a cigarette bud (now in not sure if it was at the people or just randomly) so one of the girls (Perrine) picked it up and rubbed it onto the car. Tom got out of the car then followed Perrine and punched her. That sounds really band on toms part and i was devastated when i first herd about it, but there’s MORE…. it was later released that the girls were a part of a group called afganes on tour, who have been stalking the band; mainly the twins, they even assaulted their mother, simone (now for me that is way to far, it makes me sick) they send them hate mail, egg their cars and stuff. Now personally i hope that bitch goes to hell, and you know what the funny thing is, they still call them selves fans  *shakes head*

here is a thing from Punkt12


Did Tom Kaulitz hit a girl? Now there is a new video from the gas station in Hamburg which shows what really happened in the night of April 15 between Tom Kaulitz and his fan. Gabby Funk tells us the details:
These are blurry cam-shots. We can see Tom Kaulitz arriving in his sport car. Right after that 2 girls are coming closer to the car. One of them is Perrine from France, who is allegedly asking Tom for his autograph. Then it looks like a cigarette is thrown out of the car. Perrine lifts it and pushes it on the car window.
After that, the 20 year old musician gets out of his car. What happened after that tells us Perrine's lawyer, even though we can't see it clearly on the video.
Perrine's Lawyer: He didn't just hit her, he also boxed her when she was laying defenseless on the ground.
Tom the bully, Perrine the helpless victim? Tokio Hotel don't see it this way. For long months, Perrine & her friends who call themselves "Afghanes on tour" chased Tom and his brother. We can see on the video, that right after this happened, they didn't went away from his car. David Jost said after this accident in April : "these girls weren't fans, but dangerous stalkers, it has nothing to do with being a fan. Tom and also no other band member would never do anything to a fan". Tom Kaulitz allegedly has to go to court because of this. But there's also another option.
Perrine's Lawyer: I talked with Tom Kaulitz's lawyer and by now we agreed on 2000€ damage money.

Tom could go to jail for 5 years, so i’m really worried but i’m sure he’ll be ok :S and i’m sure if they do have court case there will be a lot of fans there supporting tom at the court and when she comes out she will get booed.

Now on a happier note on tuesday Tokio Hotel released the video for World Behind My Wall; the second single of TH’s new album Humanoid, It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!! i’m really not exaggerating. when i first saw it i almost started crying, it is so beauitful!! here is the link, now really even if you dont like TH watch it!!!!!! even tho WBMW is not my fav song, the video makes it just so much better and i love the at home footage!!

It is also only 8 days to christmas ONLY EIGHT DAYS!!! it dosent even feel like it and on sunday its our family’s xmas breakfast, even thought it will got till like 3, LOL. But the only bad thing is that i know what i’m getting allready unless i will get some surprise pressys (i highly  doubt that, but i will report if i do)

i recently went to melbourne on the train with jess. it was really fun we went around melb with rhiannon; jess’s sister, we did shopping though i didnt buy anything and now i want to go back!! :P so hopfully i can get up there in the holidays!

as i sais in my last blog check out my fan fic and comment back on here! please!! :)

that’s pretty much all the news thats happening aroung me atm so catch; sa nikta would say xoxoxo

oh i forgot, i’m going to make a mirror, well its gonna be on the backof my wardrobe door, and i going to have by you side/an Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)lyrics all around it.

ooooomirro like that but with fancier writing.

3113504381_9f007cc16b_o For Tom :P


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