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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saddest Movies i’ve ever seen.

Ok this is really random but I'm going to make a list (not in order) of the saddest movies i have seen. and DW i wont spoil them for ya.

ok i’ll start off with a movie that i watched yesterday in class called Pay it Forward. Its a movie about a little boy that does a thing called pay it forward for a school assignment, where he did a good thing for three other people then they do it for three other people and so on. I’m not gonna spoil it. there is a dramatic turn of events and i was really sad, then at the very end, im mean the very end something happens and oh go, i just started balling. im not ashamed of crying, but it is quite embarrassing when are crying in class, but i couldn't help it and it also made erin cry too lol.

next is a movie that you may know…Forest Gump. I catually cant remember the whole thing, and i also think that i havent watched it all. The story is about a guy telling his life story at a bus stop to randoms. but i remember being really at some point.

I think this i probally the saddest move i have EVER seen, Marley and Me, far out! i think the should have advertised it better coz i thought i was about the couple not the dog, but its is about the dogs life with the couple. Now the end it just made me cry sooooo much. even though only the end is the only sad part.

Not only it is one of my fav movies it is also one of the sadest movies….Van helsing. Even after watching it over 1000 times (seriously well more like 100) i still am really sad at the end, i was almost gonna spoil it woops. But i think the ending made it much more respectable.

Australia is my fav movie and for once it isnt at the end when i had a few tears. it is one onf the greatest scenes i have ever seen! and there are a couple of other bits that meke me sad too.

these are actually the only ones i can think of at the moment.

Oh i just remembered the pursuit of happiness, god even thoug i havent seen it all, when they are in bathroom at the trainstation, SHIT!

But Nikita and I are going to have a sad movie marathon with titles that include

-the notebook

-marley and me


-titanic (i havent even seen that :O)

-imitation of life

-city of angles

-meet joe black

-forest gump

-the curious case of benjamin button

-big fish

-the pursuit of happiness

-my sisters keeper

-the boy in the striped pyjamas


any other suggestions??


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