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Monday, January 4, 2010

‘the noughties’ comes to an end+ Muse review + random updates

Hi well it obviously isnt new years eve any more. But i decided to keep going with this, i think its quite interesting oh and i had a revelation of what this decade will be called, the teens! so the pink stuff is from the other day and the suff i write now is white.


Hello!! it is new year’s eve :O and also the end of a decade!! My first decade, OMG!! lol, i doesn't even feel like it. Its interesting reading what has happened this decade, well i actually only read the music ones, but i’ve seen ads (i can just imagine an old person yelling that). But i really hat how everyone is calling it the noughtiess, it just sounds so GAY! may as well call it the gayties! So does that mean they are gonna call the next decade tenties?? Anyway. I’ve had a great decade i’ve been in school the whole time, YAY! Hmmm what else have i done??

i did make the switch from commercial radio to non commercial radio(i dont know what it actually is called independent radio maybe?)

I went to my first concert this year (Gippsland emergency relief concert)

i discovered a band that you may know if you read this blog regularly (or know me personally) TOKIO HOTEL!! :P

I began to play guitar

i went to the Philippines in ‘08 and a previous time, but i’m not sure if it was in 00 or previous.

i went to NZ in sep/oct this year

i met heaps of friends


Enough of that. As i promised in the title, i have a review of The resistance by muse, its not one of my best i actually might redo it one day. 

Ok now now for some random updates!


I just voted in Triple J’s hottest 100. VOTE HERE and you could win your self a golden ticket, which can get you to any jjj supported gig!! (me personally i really dont want to win it at this time because i cant even go to the big day out, so i think most of the concerts i doubt well take a fourteen yr old.)

Now here is what i voted for, they are not in order of what i like.

Tokio Hotel – Humanoid

Bliss N Eso - On Tour

Phoenix – 1901

Phrase – Spaceship

Placebo - Battle For The Sun

Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch

Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg

i just found out that you only if you answer ‘your no 1 song’ and ‘why’ you get entered into the comp :S, they’ll just think im a dick head, lol.


Uh, well on thursday im going to melbourne with my auntie and uncle, coz its my cousins b-day and we’re taking her to the eureka.

i am also planning to go to melbourne soon, with niki. were are gonna stay there for a couple of days with my cousins, and that will be sweet, the only thing that will ruin it, is if i get my period, but i seem to be lucky, coz every time i do something i dont have it :)

well my uncle tuned my acoustic guitar, but the other day one of our family friends though it was out, and he tried to use my tuned. and now its so shit, it is worse that before :|  so im a little pissed, but i did learn how to play the WHOLE of reden, which im really happy about. So now i can say that i can play TWO WHOLE songs, hehe) and i was playing with my crap electric guitar and made a song! i must admit, it is pretty groovy.

I’ve tried have started to write a couple more fan fics, i get up to the second or third chap and just get bored and dont know wat to write :S but maybe a little time off and i will think of some thing.

I just randomly decidedly that i was to make a blog about tokio hotel. PURELY ABOUT TH. check it out any way, lol RIGHT HERE. Its not the best atm, but tomorrow it will look shit hot! lol


ok well i cant be bothed continuing so bye!!

and i leave you a lovely image!

and for once its not TH!! :O how cool is dave (the one short and fat one)


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