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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My little trip to melbourne + Kaulitz Twins!

NOTE: i actually wrote thsi last night, but i couldnt post, and i cant now, so it knoda looks a bit shitty. But hey thats not my fault!. Next time'll fix it up!

Hey, I've finally blogged, haven't done that in a while. Well at least on this blog, lol.

You may not know this, but i just came back from a little holiday in Melbourne. I went down on Thursday on the train with my auntie from down here, then met up with my other auntie in Melbourne. That day i stayed at their work shop and didnt do much, but later that night, we went to see ‘A Midsummer's Night Dream” in the botanical gardens. But we left half way through coz apparently it was crap and also coz if was effin freezing!.

On friday uh.. oh yeah, i went with my cousin Krys and her little baby Finn to the city. btw Finn is probally the coolest baby’s ever! we just cruised around the city but it was really cool!
when my cousin dropped me back to my aunties place there were 4 little kiddies there waiting for me. Tom and Mia are my cousin Dom’s kids and Stella and Lily are my other cousin Jules kids. I wached them as they played in the pool and as i did i got eaten alive by mozzies. Oh and that day i got a a pair of turquoise thongs(the strap things were thinner that usual so Krys called them sexy thongs, lol!), a napoleon dynamite top and some converses, but they are for my b-day.

On saturday i went out with my cousin Lou, we went to Fitzroy (will i think it was, lol) we had some lunch at a cool bar and we did some good shopin. I got a mighty boosh top, a bag and some gifts, which Lou all payed for, which i wants very happy about that. Then when i got home the kids were still there and it was quite warm so i got into the pool. then my antie took them home, but i stayed at the house, coz there was no room so i chilled for a couple of hours.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, but in the afternoon my antie and i we went to see Bran Neu Dae. It was pretty good and was funny as, tho not as funny as i though it was going to be, but it was pretty short, which was good.

On Monday i went with Claire my cousin Dom’s girlfriends, Mia and Tom to see Fantastic Mr Fox, and that was soooo good! i was awesome! but the farmers weren't as over the top as in the book, but meh, it was funny! i totally recommend it, when i actually think about it, the aldults seemed to enjoy it more that the kids, lol! then we went back to claire’s suburb and did some shoppin. and i got this vintage dress that is so awesome (also for my b-day) then we went back to their place and just chilled till my auntie came to pick us up.

On tuesday i did some serious shoppin as my auntie was getting a breast screen. I spent all of mums money, coz i had barely bought anything my self. i got some good bargans.

And on Wednesday it was time to go home, we caught the train into sothern cross station then we waited for the train. It came and then my fear of not catching the right train went away and i sayd my good byes! and i got back at 12:40 pm.

i had a really great time in Melb! so i will be going back when i have the chance!!

Now for the other thing un my head line. The Kaulitz twins(from Tokio Hotel) have been in the news a bit lately. Firstly they are on the front cover of the German GQ magazine. It is such a good shoot, they look so good!

this is the lovely cover :)

I’m too lazy to add the other scans, but i just had to as this sexy hexy one of Tom! btw its my new desktop background.

But there is also MORE!

Bill and Tom were at the DSquared fashion show in Milan (that reminds me of a th epp, lol) and this guy that looked like a dark angel opened the show. And guess who that guy was!? BILL!! I was so surprised when i was looking at the post, i was like SHIT! check the pics below….

the guys in green are the designers. they are dean and dan, get it D squared, :P oh and look at all the other models, they look so jealous, well who wouldn't be, :P

( How funny are the hockey guys, so random, lol)

I’ve got loads more, but these are the best. Oh and as he came out, screamin’ was playin, which was quite appropriate. But as i was watching him walk, he did seem to lean to one side, but meh, it was his first time, and he looked better than the other guys! Oh and Tom was in the crowd, supporting his little bro, aww

(Tom looks a bit pissed in the photos, as in drunk, he probally was, lol.)

(the after party)

(bill signing some autographs. how cool are his shoes! and Note the scarf in a bow to the side, geil!)

AND apparently they are to go to some other fashion show this week too, lol maybe they should come to Australia for a Myer fashion show too, that would be great.

Ok i cant be bothred writing more, BUT! do check out my new little Tokio Hotel Blog! it actually seems like a pro wrote it, lol. ok any way bye!!

Oh one thing, Mum and i had a little debate. It was about Bill Kaulitz, i was showing her a pic from the fashion show and i was like that’s what i’m gonna wear (i was joking of course) Then she is like is he a gay and i’m like no. Then she was like why do you idolise a gay (at that time i got a bit pissed) i was like he is not then i showed her this from an interview that bill did a while ago.

About sex
Those who think that I am gay are just very limited people, who think stereotypes. Yes, there is that notion in the world: Gay should look like that… But how can you say that I am gay, just because I care what I look like and that I look different. I am tired to deny this rumor and try to explain myself. Let people think what they want to think. It’s their rights. And the fact that I did not have a girlfriend for a long time is definitely not the reason to say that I am gay. It is just the sex without love is nothing to me. And I think it pretty normal.

But she is like he is gay! then i was like no! you are judging then she cracked it at me then we argued a bit more then she walked away then i though of saying why do you idolise an thing that isnt real. but then i though she would crack the shits. Sorry if that offended any readers but thats the way i feel.

i just pissed me off when my mum said it. coz usually its mark the one who bags bill, and i dont really care what he thinks. lol

well enough of that, bye!

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