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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Album review.

Hey there guys, well got another album review. Vol 2. Systematic/Automatic By Mammal. This is a live album. With a bonus DVD featuring them Live and other material.


After actually experience Mammal live, this brings me back. They start off with Nagasaki In Flames; which I'm pretty sure that’s how they started my gig, it gets you in the Mammal mood. The Majority is next with a little note from Ezekiel and I quote “If at first you don’t fucking succeed. Then we shall try try again.” Very good advice if you ask me. Clear Enough? is next (again with a note from Ezekiel) after that is Mr Devil where some old funk shows it’s self and you start groove. Violin is added (played by Xani Kolac) in Religion. Next is Slaves, my personal favourite song by Mammal for Burn Out Eddie Perfect gives a vocal hand and also a solo. The guitar is so good in The Aural Underground. A phrase that is commonly used through out this concert, Hell Yeah! Living In Sin, is my least favourite song in this set. Though its not like my ears start to belled as it comes on, i mean its Mammal you’re talking about here.Inciting is next. I think this song is dedicated to Peter Garret. And last but not certainly not least is Smash The PiƱata.

Mammal are such a good live band, so polished. Such a pity they split, and guess who was luckily enough to see their last gig? Me! If you are a fan of Mammal, i highly recommend this album, 3 1/2 stars.

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