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Thursday, April 1, 2010

its been a while…

well hey there! its been century’s since i last blogged. So what’s been happening since the 20th of febuary??

i’m going through my planner so its in order

-in the first week of march i had 3 tests that week, and a commission mass

-there was an echidna


how cute :)




-we were supposed to go to Melbourne that weekend but thats when it pissed down, HEAVILY.


our back yard was flooded with in a matter of minutes.


- i had a day off on the monday (the 8th Mar)



- i did my second biology SAC it was a prac about enzymes, we also got our results for our previous one in which got an A, which i was ecstatic over!! and still am

-on the sat(13) essendon played in a place close to where i live, but i didnt go, lol

-it was alanah and kim’s birthday.

- i found out that i can talk by two door cinema club was on commercial radio, my friend and i were devestated.

- this convo happened.. i’m carring really HEAVY books btw

Me: My arm is gonna be tank by the end of the year

Nikita: is tank a german word?

_ the last week of school! for the term

-did my english essay write up

-jess went to lady gaga so i was a loner in ecomomics for two days, lol

-got addicted of a plane game called run way, i think on sarah’s ipod touch :)

-we had to smuggle fish and chips into school, finally after a lot of drama’s

-nikita and i went shopping and i pre-ordered The Jezebels EP She’s So Hard'. and we had a great time at her mum’s shop + saw Florence and the  machines album, Lungs, but wasnt able to buy it had no money :(

-first day of the holidays, went an bought Lungs :P love it BTW and derek landy signing session in melbourne, didnt go :P

- sat, worked with niki at a wedding reception, got $100 for not doing much.

-tuesday (30th) went to melbourne with niki, jess and rhiannon(jesses older sister) had a great time got two door cinema’s album DSCF0306tourist history, a glue pencil case and an awesome beanie thing, finally :P

- got my TWO tokio hotel tops yesterday FINALLY so happy they fit :) Georg listing(TH) birthday date in AUS

- made a banner for Maril on THON

-actually acknowledged Georg’s b’day

- helped with fencing and drove the ute

- did some photography


nature all

edited of course :)


so yeah well now your in fact up to date with my life :)

so till next time, hold on i almost forgot

check the out, JUST DO IT

ok thats all :P


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