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Friday, April 23, 2010

BDHML part two + ANZAC day

so well as i’m waiting for (enter caption here) i though, “hey i think i should finish telling imaginary people about my ‘exciting’ life.” Sorry to the people who actually do read thins, its just that i have never gotten any indication to beg the differ, i think that makes sense. Anyway, i think i should get on with it dont you? I’ll take that as a yes.

Well the main, and shittest (bloody hell dont ya just hate it when your internet goes slow?!) thing that has happened is school has started back up again. Well if you the ‘reader’ is from a country other than australia, you will have no idea that i was on holiday in the first place, its been that long since i blogged! But yeah, its true and its shite! but thank god its friday!! Dont ya just love fridays, you get home from school and it feels so good that you have two whole days (well in my case three, i’ll explain later) till you have to go to school; or work whatever it may be.

Im just checking a cool little music site that a friend an i made. You should too!

I’ve actually gotten, well more like signed up for a lot of websites. Polyvore – a fashion website, the link is at the top of this page, which also (argh i can never type also right i always type it alos :@ lol) shows my recently made ones.

Tumblr – its a blog, but better, no offence blogger. I would add a link but my internet sucks atm, as i mentioned above.

Now i will go into what i was going on about the three day weekend. Well on sunday its ANZAC day. For those of you who may not know, it is a day where we remember all those fought/are fighting in the war/s. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. There are many services, but probably the most important is the dawn service, and the biggest gig of them all is the one at Gallipoli. So on monday we have a day off. Also there is the ANZAC day footy match between essendon and collingwood, in which essendon is going to win :P Its actually the biggest game after the grand final, of course.

Now i may only be a wreckless teenager, but i really appreciate what all the diggers (they were called diggers because they built trenches) and their families and all the people who died, sacrificed for us and our great country. And i think its BULL SHIT that people want to get rid of ANZAC day. Well how about they get off their arses and fight a fucking war, god, i think i just had a revelation, i actually think that ANZAC day is to remember all the diggers that fought in WWI WWII and the other previous wars like the Vietnam and Boar. But yeah, why would they do that and honestly everyone loves a day off.


So well i’ve actually ran out of things to say so peace out mofo’s lol

xx. wcs

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