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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bus drivers have muscular legs…

Well, in recent days we have had many different bus drivers, in which pisses me off because they dont know where to go and especially in the morning its always late and im sacred that one day my transfer bus isnt gonna be there, but anyway, back to the subject, well as we were driving home, i noticed that the bus drives had very muscular legs, especially the ones wearing shorts, well obviously hahaha, then that lead me to thinking how they got that muscular, then i realised that i was such an idiot thinking that because it was coz of the driving, duh! so does that mean i will get muscular legs fro driving heaps! and to add to that all the stairs at school :| lol


well this post was going to be a longer post but no, my brother had to ruin it :\


so toodles :P


heheh horrors + the mighty boosh, couldnt be a better photo!

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