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Friday, March 16, 2012

This is so random.

Wanna know what some of my favourite Horror songs are? No? Well too bad, you're getting three from each record.

Gloves is my favourite song from Strange House without a doubt. It actually is my ring tone; you know the bit where Faris is like, "and I couldn't take it anymore!..." yeah well from there. It’s so awesome. Draw Japan was my first song I heard all those five(?) years ago, and I still love it sick. I think my last one for Strange House would be She Is The New Thing solely on the basis that it has no released demo version so don't have to think if I like the demo or album version better. Ha.

Now for Primary Colours, seeing as it's my favourite Horror record (I ordered it on vinyl the other day, yewww!) it would be so hard to pick a favourite track. It's actually not because Scarlet Fields is possibly one of the most amazing songs in the history of this whole world. I also adore Mirrors Image and Sea Within A Sea because they have amazing lyrics that accompany the brilliance of the music. I actually wrote some lyrics from those three tracks on the back of a practice maths test because I was bored and had no idea how to work out the question.

Skying is probably the hardest. Well Endless Blue is genius and from the first listen (in the car with dad) I’ve loved it. Moving Further Away because it’s 8 minutes and 35 seconds of sweet synthy goodness. For the last position I’m going to have to say Oceans Burning. The Horrors have this amazing capability of being able to make these songs that (I’m trying to think of how to explain this with out using a pun) just elevate into a tempo that is different to what you’ve been listening to for the past five minutes and just reach amazing heights. Oh and uh, if I died tomorrow, it would be at my funeral.

But yeah, all Horror songs are amazing; there aren’t any songs that I just think “what is this shit?!” while listening to them. These are just the best.

Why are they so brilliant?

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