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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here’s to Wolfmother.

I began writing this aaaaaages ago, and I just remembered this a few moments ago as I am in fact listening to Wolfmother.

Wolfmother are my favourite band without being my favourite band. Does that makes sense? No? Well The Horrors are probably my actual favourite band, but then I can’t help but feel bad for Wolfmother and.. yeah I’m a strange person. So back to the point, I have been a fan of Wolfmother since I was ten. Though they were on commercial radio at that point, they were the first band that I liked that wasn’t a pop artist.

Minds Eye was the first ever Wolfmother song I heard, and it still is one of my favourite songs, ever. I remember in the days when they used to show Video Hits over here instead of stupid Hitlist TV, I used to watch music shows in the morning. Now, this was when I was still in primary school and every Saturday morning I used to do the vacuuming (I was such a good little girl back then), and every weekend I would Mind’s Eye by Wolfmother (what is this monstrosity! They don’t have the official video up, damn it!)would be on. I would rock out to it, using the neck (?) of the vacuum as guitar, as you would, and dropping everything when the organ bit came on and pretending to play it.

Their self titled debut was the first ever album I ever owned. Previous to that the only CD’s I owned were Barbie compilation CD’s and shit like that. It still sits at the top of my CD rack and is one of the best, if not the best, albums I own.

Wolfmother were not only the first ‘different’ band I listened to, they made me learn to appreciate live music. In the years after their debut, we, the die hard fans, there was no official information of new material. Then finally in mid 2008 the drought had finally broke. They played a gig and we finally got new tracks. I’d listen to them over and over and it was like as if those tracks were studio recorded. Before that time however, I used to think that live music was stupid and that if a band didn’t sound exactly like they did on a CD, they were the worst band ever.I especially hated when they had extra distortion or feedback, well actually I just hated that generally. That just shows how much my taste has changed seeing as I’m obsessed with shoegaze and Sonic Youth at the moment.

When I saw them at Big Day Out on the 30th of January 2011, it was one of the best moments of my life. I almost got teary, but I soon got over it and started moshing as such. My next goal is to see them live properly; not at a festival and to get Wolfmother on vinyl.

I guess without Wolfmother I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. So I just want to say thanks Wolfmother, past and present, for… being. ♥

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