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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If only I was a Horror.

Bonjour! I just though I’d write a little sotumblr_l7a1pq8Xvi1qalxfho1_500mething about this band that I am utterly obsessed with at this moment. Who may you ask is this band? They’re the Horrors of course!

Now who are the Horrors? Well they are a British band, consisting of five. Faris Badwan is the singer (and my future husband), Joshua Hayward is the most amazing guitarist (don’t take my word for it he was voted the greatest guitarist of all time by NME readers), Joseph Spurgeon is the                (L-R Faris, Josh, Rhys, Tom & Joe)drummer, Rhys Webb is the bassist (and he once was the keyboardist) and last but not least is Tom Cowan who is the keyboardist (and he was the bassist, but he and Rhys swapped.) Now what do the Horrors sound like exactly? Well each of their three albums are different, so it’s best to take you through each of them individually.

I can’t properly account for this album because I don’t actually own the The Horrorswhole thing, I only have a few songs from it (mind you, I am going to buy it once JB Hi-Fi opens in my town, excited much!) Strange House was released in, if memory serves, 2007. It’s style is quite hard to describe, I like to call it zombie rock, but I’m not too good with genres. It’s pretty crazy; sorta like their hair. I’ll just stop trying to describe the genre, and let you have a listen for your self. Draw Japan is the first ever Horror song that I heard, and it still is today one of my favourites.

Primary Colours was released in 2009. Thithehorrorss album is one of the best albums that I have ever bought, so if you are a fan of good music, go out and buy it, and if you don’t like it, fell free to write a massive hate letter to me. The style is different to Strange House, but on a few songs, there is just a hint of guitar that you can connect to the ol’ Strange House. If I could, I would totally just link every single song on the album, but I have to choose the best to show you, and then afterwards you will go out and buy it. So I can’t recommend this album without including a link to my favourite song which is Scarlet Fields.

horrors-2011-300x300Skying was released on the 11th of July this year. Again their style has changed, but between Skying and Primary Colours, you can  see similarities, however between it and Strange House, it’s had to believe they’re the same band. This album is much more.. psychedelic? It’s a very chill L.P with symphonic sounds and such. “It’s about being taken to a removed state of mind by music,” I think that quote said by Rhys sums up the album very well. It’s a great album, but it can’t beat Primary Colours (have you taken the hint yet, buy it!) Still Life is one of my favourite tracks and it just so happens to also be the first single of the album. So not only do you get a lovely song, there is a pretty video for you to watch. Yay! 

Oh and while we’re on the music front, I just want to mention that I am going to see the Wombats in October which I am so pumped for. I’d also like to call attention to a song that I simply adore. It’s a cover by Mr Little Jeans The Suburbs by The Arcade Fire. It’s an incredible cover of an incredible song.

Ok peace and love, Sarah xx.

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