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Friday, November 19, 2010

What do you put up?

Well I was on my routine check of TH ning and I came across this little discussion.
It's about the internet - who knew Tokio Hotel would be so interesting, lol.

So it's about what Bill - the lead singer - said in a recent interview thing. Here is what he said -

"I think it's so bad! Well, sure, it offers lots of opportunities but there are so many bad things about it [internet]. I mean, if I could press a button, to press a button right now to shut down the internet for all, for everyone, I would do it immediately! You do something and one minute later it's on the internet and all over the world. And everyone is allowed to comment on it. Everyone can judge it. Everyone gives his/her opinion about it. And..I often think something is destroyed! The fascination disappears, magic you imagined when you did something. Because everyone destroys it immediately and people add comments everywhere. They all mess it up! ....Also the appreciation of all kinds of products: magazines, of whatever books, fashion, music, movies. It doesn't exist anymore because you can easily get it online with one click!"

It's interesting eh?
Well this is what I commented -

I actually think Bill is right, well except for the turning it off, coz then I would die ;) But like especially with music - with the whole humanoid leaking, I think that is when he/they really started to think about it -you can go and download music, it's everywhere, and you could go onto YouTube and look up any old live performance and go that's good enough for me and don't go actually see them live.
I am actually quite conscious about what I put out there. I say a lot of things, but I never post where I live or anything and I hardly ever post a picture of myself - I think I'm a little paranoid I guess.

But then there are good sides of the internet too, this site - I've learnt a lot of things from wonderful people over the world, if it wasn't for the internet I, like Luisa Bella Maria, wouldn't know who TH are - plus a lot of other bands. And again, back to the music, the internet is good for new bands - my favourite radio has a sub website about a program called Unearthed, and it's all about unsigned and new bands.

Ok, I think that's enough rambling for me, but thanks Lucy, I'll think again next time I chuck up some stuff.

So what do you think? Leave a comment , you know you want to!

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