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Monday, July 13, 2015

Seeing BTS

About this time last night I was on the train home from the city. What was I doing in the city last night you may ask? Seeing my boys BTS that’s what was up!

They totally exceeded my all expectations. I was expecting them to be amazing, but not this amazing!! Taking as a journalist and music fan they were truly spectacular; they were so polished, effortless and completely owned the stage. They’re all so talented and this is what they were born to do. They’re not just some boy band that will be over in a few years; they’re going the whole way. (Maybe I should do a proper review on my music blog? I’ll keep you posted).

Ok, back to fan girl mode. The setlist was seriously awesome. Of course some of my favs didn’t make the cut, but it was ok because even the songs I didn’t really like were done so well. And you can tell when someone is good live when after seeing a song that you previously didn’t like, live, and loving it afterwards. Of which this song is a prime example. (Tbh I don’t really know why I didn’t like it that much because I feel like it’s a classic me song, but anyway… also as I was listening to it then it just started raining!)

My highlight was when they played Cypher pt.3 and I absolutely lost my shit. As mentioned in my ‘K life’ post it’s my all time fav BTS song and the rap line absolutely slayed. Like ugh it was just the best. Anyone reading this from the gig who was behind a girl with long hair in row C I sincerely apologise for dancing erratically and looking like I was possessed by the devil, but that’s just the way I am. #babyiwasbornthisway

They even played Hip Hop Lover which I wasn’t sure if they’d play it but they did (I even tweeted them to play it and Cypher pt.3) and it was sick.  Another moment that sticks out in my mind was the transition from Cypher pt.2 into War of Hormone, it was on point. I just love when shit like that happens (think Bombay Bicycle Club and The Giantess/Emergency Contraception Blues, I actually tweeted them to play this and they did!)

I’m really proud of the Armies (BTS fanbase) and proud to be part of such a cool fanbase. Honestly I was worried because from watching videos of just pop concerts in general (particularly where hot boys are involved) and the screaming. Now when I say screaming, I mean constant screaming, like throughout the whole concert even when the artist is speaking or they’re singing and emotional song or whatever. And I can’t stand when people do this, it just drives me insane; there’s a time a place for it. But last night was great!
The whole atmosphere of the concert of was one of the best I have experienced. Actually the atmosphere is exact reason why going to concerts is my favourite thing in the whole entire world.To be in a space where you’re with a huge group of people that love an artist as much as you do, where there is this collective adoration of this artist and everyone sings and dances along, it’s just the greatest feeling. I live for this.  And it’s sad that some people don’t see the worth in seeing artists live.

There were so many great moments, but I felt like it happened so fast and I couldn’t dream of remembering them all. But in closing I just want to say seeing BTS was the second best gig I’ve been to ever, second only to The Horrors of course. Actually, in all honesty if the Horrors weren’t my favourite band and weren’t a band where their music is meant to be experienced live, BTS would have been number one.

Oh yeah and Jimin and I totally made eye contact. And I maintain that my boi Suga looked at me at least once. Oh yeah, I was actually really happy with the seats (though my friend and I stood up the whole time) I ended up getting because they were basically at eye level and I could see them perfectly and it was just good.

P.S they are all 300% more good looking in real life.
P.P.S my friend and I may or may not be twitter famous because we are in a photo of one of SBS pop asia's host's photos from the night (my friend especially hahah) 
P.P.S Big Bang are now coming to Melbourne and even though it’s in the last week of uni, I’m going!!
P.P.P.S I’m learning Korean and have decided that I’m going to Korea to teach English for a year. Meaning I’ll be able to go to the hip hop clubs in Hongdae all day everyday.

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