My Polyvore.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bring me the end of the world – an original poem.

Take me to the end of the world.

It’s just you and me,
Out here,
All alone.
The water stirs beneath us,
In this tiny boat,
The only think keeping us dry.

Your strong arms,
Cradle my fragile figure,
Keeping me warm,
And safe from the elements.
You breath against my neck,
It’s warm and comforting.

The waves slowly carry us towards the setting sun.
It makes the water glisten,
And look so pretty.
As the sun starts to sink lower in the sky,
You pull me in closer,
Closer into your chest.

Your chest slowly rises,
As you inhale and exhale.
I can hear you heart beating madly,
Almost as fast as mine.
“I love you,”
I whisper.
“I love you too,”
You whisper back.
“Will you be mine forever?”
I ask.
“Forever and always,”
You reply.

You kiss my on the head.
What was that for?
I ask.
“I love you,”
You reply.
I smile.
“You are the best thing that had ever happened to me,
You already know my answer”
“Do I?”
You ask.
I nod.
“Just take me,
Take me to the end of the world.”

-By wolfchildsarah 13th of May 2010

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