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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Slowly in the rain story.

Based on this set that i made on polyvore

As the sun vanished behind the horizon, she let out a breath.

She thought of him, and what he did, the sleepless nights wishing he would come back, the tears, the tears that fell daily.

Others wouldn’t have been able to forgive, but she was different.

She loved him so much more.

He was her world and he let her fall, but she didn’t realise.

She began walking towards the pier. Where they were to meet.

Her light footsteps barely made a sound on the echoing wood of the pier.

The weather man said that a storm was coming; yet, the sea was still beneath her. It was the calm before the storm.

Her sister had recently died in a horrific road accident. She was thrown fifty meters across the bitumen. She was found in his arms, but it was ok, they were best friends, he was protecting her, that’s what friends do, he didn’t what her to die, nothing else.

As she neared the end of the pier, her footsteps slowed and she spun round.

A tall silhouette slowly became clearer as it approached.

She was willing to forgive him for everything…

One thousand gaping black eyes stared at me as I lay still on the ground. It was a miracle I was still breathing, after the injuries I had sustained.

I tied to look move, but I couldn’t.

I pulled my self towards him.

We were going 200 miles an hour, just me and him. I felt like I was flying, my adrenaline was pumping as the wind was flying through my hair. It was just us and the open road, or at lead that’s what we though. He was playing around, he didn’t realise until it was too late. He lost control of the bike and smashed into the truck. For a moment I felt as if I had wings, then we came into contact with the hard surface that was the road. I felt myself skidding till I came to a rest.

I knew no one would come to our rescue. I knew I was going to die.

I thought of my sister. She said she loved him and he told her that, but really, he loved me.

I told her we were only best friends, but it wasn’t true. He never had feelings for her; he just didn’t want to break her heart, being my twin and all.

I told her, “he’s my best friend; I know he’ll break your heart,” but she wouldn’t listen, she said that they were ‘soul mates.’

I tried to laugh, but my lungs were burning.

I heard a crow croak in the distance.

As I crawled towards I could feel the stones etch deeper and deeper into my skin.

His body lay lifeless on the road, not moving forevermore. His dark hair flowing over his face. His perfect skin bloody and scared, yet, he was still perfect in every way.

I pulled myself into his dead and lifeless arms. At least my dying moments would be in his arms, not my best friend, but my lover.

She smiled at him as his petite features could be seen as he neared.

‘You came,’ she whispered.

He nodded.

‘We need to talk.’ He said breaking the silence.

‘Of course, my love,’

‘Please, don’t call me that.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You know.’ he replied.

He looked out into the ocean. Once calm, now rough and changing.

‘I don’t love you.’ He said not even looking at her.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I don’t love you. You can’t get and clearer than that,’ he said in a cold tone.

‘What, it can’t be, you told me that you loved me.’

‘I was lying. I… I never loved you.’

‘You made a vow, a vow of everlasting love.’

He shook his head, ‘no, I did not do such thing.’

‘You did, and you gave me this ring,’ she said thrusting her hand forward.

He shook his. ‘I never gave you that ring.’

‘You did,’ she almost yelled, ‘and you said that you would love me forever till the sun and the stars fell out of the sky.’

‘I’m leaving you, I can be with you, you’re sucking the life out of me.’

She shook her head, knowing her voice would betray her.

‘This is good bye.’ He said before turning on his heel.

‘No, please.’ Her voice breaking as she grabbed him.

‘You have to let go of me.’

‘I can’t, I love you.’

‘But I do not feel the same way.’

‘You do, you have to.’ She shook her head.

‘No, but I do not.’

‘But I forgive you. I forgive you for everything. For all of your sins… ’

‘I doesn’t matter.’

‘..for killing my sister.’

His face turned cold as he looked at her, ‘I would never hurt your sister, she was the one I loved, not you, not ever.’

‘No, you love me!’ She yelled as the tears flowed like rivers from her eyes.

‘Can’t you just get this through your head, your love sick, you imagine things that aren’t real! You see yourself as your sister. You’re sick, you need help.’

‘No, you have to.’ She said falling to her knees, still holding his hand.

‘You have to let go of me.’ He said as he tried to shake her off.

‘You love me, tell me you love me.’

‘You’re sick.’ He said taking back his hand.

‘No come back,’ she called into the rain.

His tall thin figure could just be made out in the thick rain.

‘Bill, I love you….’ She whispered as she collapsed onto the damp pier.

‘I love you..’ she repeated…

[by wolfchildsarah]

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